Vegetables are arguably the most diverse plant-based food source, with almost 1,100 different kinds of vegetables recognized in the world. Some can be eaten raw in salads, while others are used to cook the most delicious dishes.

Vegetables are often classified based on what part of the plant it is. So, different groups of vegetables include leafy greens (spinachlettuce), pods (beans), and root vegetables (potato, carrot). And then many fruits, like like tomatoes and cucumbers, are popularly eaten as vegetables. Below is a list of the names of the most common vegetables well-known worldwide.

Types of Vegetables

List of the Most Popular Vegetables

Botanically, Mushrooms are not plants but a large group of edible fungi. Still, they are included in the above list because of their typical culinary uses similar to vegetables.

Vegetables by Attributes

Vegetables by Purpose of Use

Vegetables by Seasons

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Vegetables by Color

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Vegetables by Country

Asian Vegetables

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