Best Vegetables for Making Soup

Soup is one of the most versatile dishes that offer complete freedom when choosing ingredients. Meats, seafood, noodles, rice, vegetables – they are all common ingredients for soups. 

Though you can put any vegetable in your soup, some are more popular than others in various recipes. These vegetables can hold their own when it comes to preparing a filling soup that can be a meal on itself, with or without adding meats and other proteins.

Best Vegetables for Soup

List of Vegetables That Go Best in a Soup

Mentioned below are 22 vegetables typically used for making soups. Some recipes, such as French onion soup, broccoli cheddar soup, and borscht, predominantly feature a single vegetable. Then, there are numerous delightful mixed vegetable soups where all the vegetables can go together. Though there are no rules or limitations in combining vegetables, some may complement each other better.

Knowing their carbohydrate content helps you pick the suitable vegetables to suit your diet.

NameCarbs per 100gBest Together With
Onion9.3gCarrot, Celery, Garlic
Carrot9.6gOnion, Celery, Potato
Broccoli6.64gCarrot, Potato, Onion
Celery2.97gOnion, Carrot, Potato
Tomato3.89gGarlic, Bell Pepper, Onion
Green Beans7.13gTomato, Garlic, Onion
Bell Pepper6gOnion, Tomato, Garlic
Leek14.15gPotato, Carrot, Onion
Spinach3.63gOnion, Garlic, Mushrooms
Kale8.75gPotato, Carrot, Onion
Cabbage5.8gCarrot, Potato, Onion
Corn19.02gBell Pepper, Tomato, Onion
Zucchini3.11gTomato, Garlic, Bell Pepper
Mushrooms3.26gOnion, Garlic, Spinach
Sweet Potato20.71gCarrot, Celery, Onion
Cauliflower5.3gCarrot, Potato, Onion
Garlic23.9gOnion, Tomato, Bell Pepper
Potato17.49gCarrot, Celery, Leek
Butternut Squash11.69gCarrot, Onion, Celery
Cucumber3.63gTomato, Bell Pepper, Onion
Asparagus3.88gPotato, Leek, Onion
Beet8.53gCarrot, Potato, Onion

Okra is another vegetable that deserves a mention here. Its unique, slimy, gummy texture makes it useful for thickening soups and stews. And that is why okra is a primary ingredient in gumbo, the famous stew dish from French Louisiana.


Do vegetables lose nutrients when cooked in soup?

When cooked, vegetables can lose certain nutrients, especially water-soluble ones like vitamin C. In the case of boiled vegetables, these nutrients may leach into the water and be discarded. However, using the same water to make a soup or stew is an excellent way to ensure those nutrients are consumed. Therefore, vegetables in a soup can retain their nutritional value as long as the water in which they are boiled is used in the soup.