10 of the Best Grand Marnier Cocktail Drinks

What is the Grand Marnier

Originating in 1880 in France, Grand Mariner is an orange-flavored liqueur created by blending distilled essence of bitter orange and Cognac brandy with sugar. Though you can always try this liqueur with simple drinks like coke or carbonated water, only a few interesting and choicest recipes can do the job of serving your taste buds!


Grand Marnier Drinks

Recipes for Drinks to Make with Grand Marnier

1. Fruit Mixed-Drinks Martini Punch

In a mixer, combine, gin, Grand Marnier, Sweet Vermouth and a liqueur of your taste (like Southern Comfort, and Hennessy Cognac) 1½ oz each, and pour in a glass. Top the rest combining fruit juices of your choice (peach, cranberry, pomegranate etc.). Enjoy chilled.

Fruit Mixed-Drink Martini with Grand Marnier

2. Grand Marnier & Coffee Layered Long Drink

In a glass, begin with gently pouring coffee liqueur, then Irish cream (like Baileys), and finally Grand Marnier liqueur 2/3 oz each. Refrigerate it undisturbed for around 15-20 minutes and serve.

Grand Marnier Coffee Layered-Long Drink

3. Grand Marnier Margarita

In a shaker, shake 2 oz Tequila Casa Noble Gold, ½ oz Grand Marnier and 1 oz of fresh lime juice. Pour over cubes of ice in a glass rimmed with rock salt and a lemon wedge.

Grand Marnier Margarita Recipe

4. Layered Grand Marnier Shooter

Pour Grand Marnier, Courvoisier Cognac and Amaretto 1/3 oz each in a shot glass in three layers. Serve chilled.

Layered Grand Marnier Shooter Drink

5. Tangy Starter Appetizer with Orange Juice

Just mix Grand Marnier and Tanqueray gin (or mint-flavored vodka) 1 oz each, with ¼ oz lemon juice in a glass full of crushed ice. Fill the rest of the glass with equal parts of ginger ale and orange juice. Top with mint leaves or lemon rinds.

Grand Marnier Appetizer with Orange Juice

6. Creamy After-dinner Christmas Eggnog

(Serves 20)
Beat yolks of 6 eggs until thick and lemon-colored. Keep beating and start adding gradually sugar, bourbon, and Grand Marnier 1 cup each along with ½ a cup brandy, 1½ quarts of warm milk, and 3 cups of heavy milk. Cool the mixture for one hour while stirring occasionally. Pour milk gradually and then add whipped cream and stiffly beaten egg whites. Refrigerate in covered jars for 10-12 hours. Sprinkle nutmeg powder before serving your guests.
(Alternately, this is also good for a weekend breakfast/brunch.)

Grand Marnier Christmas Eggnog Recipe

7. Sweet-Sour Straight Tequila Cocktail

Shake ½ oz of each of Tequila, Grand Marnier and Drambuie Liqueur along with 1 splash of sweet and sour mix. Serve ice cold in a salt-rimmed glass along with a lemon slice.

Grand Marnier Sweet-Sour Tequila Cocktail

8. Fruity Kahlua Drink using Grand Marnier

Shake a mixture of Kahlua and Grand Marnier ½ oz each with 1 oz Triple Sec, 1 cup lemonade or fruit juice (pineapple, orange, raspberry etc.), and pour in a cocktail glass. Serve with cherry and dashes of lime juice.

Kahlua Cocktail Drink using Grand Marnier

9. Simple Grand Marnier Whiskey Shot

Layer ½ oz Grand Marnier with ½ oz of chilled Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey in a shot glass. Rim with salt and shot in.

Simple Grand Marnier Whiskey Shot

10. Hot Grand Marnier Winter-drink

Mix (don’t shake) one cup simmering black tea with an oz of Grand Marnier. Enjoy the flavor with a dash of rock salt and a hint of lemon juice.

Winter Hot Drink using Grand Marnier

Many of us know that there are 76 calories in every 1 fl oz of this 80-proof commercial orange liqueur, but we also know how tough it is to refrain from indulging ourselves at times! So, ‘once in a while’ always sounds good! Just find some time to celebrate!

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