Top 10 Campari Drinks & Cocktails with Recipes

What is Campari

Campari is an Italian liqueur famous for its unique flavor and the vibrant color it renders to its cocktails and mixes. The drink tastes somewhat bitter and is processed by infusing different herbs and fruits in water and alcohol. However, this ‘Alcohol by Volume’ (ABV) varies from country to country, ranging between 20.5 and 28.5%, with one 30-ml serving containing 80 calories of energy.

Now here are 10 great vegan recipes and ideas on how to mix your shots and cocktails with Campari. See how it goes!

Campari Cocktails and Shot Drinks with Ingredients

Campari Drinks

1. Classic Fizzy-Soda Campari Americano Recipe

Pour 1 oz of each of Campari liqueur and Cinzano Rosso (or any other sweet vermouth) over ice cubes in a cocktail glass. To this, mix 3 oz of club soda, and serve with orange rinds or two rose petals.

CampariAmericano Cocktail Soda Drink

2. Campari Spritz Alcoholic-Punch Cocktail

Mix ¼ oz Campari Spritz (alternately, Campari Milano) and Bacardi white rum, each, along with ½ oz of each of vodka and orange gin in a wide glass. Fill the rest with rose champagne (or flavored beer).Smudge the inner wall of the glass with Campari dust*, and serve immediately.
[*Campari Dust Recipe: Line a square dish with greaseproof paper, and pour about 200 ml Campari on it. Leave in the oven for 7-8 hours in lowest heat while checking regularly. When it is completely dehydrated, remove from heat, and allow the particles to cool. You might need the pestle and mortar to grind them smoothly. Store it in an airtight jar. This will be a great addition to your Campari cocktails.]

Campari Spritz Alcohol Punch Drink Recipe

3. Campari-based Tiki Orange Long Drink

Fill a shaker halfway with ice cubes, and pour in ½ oz of Campari, 1 oz of gin, Jamaican rum, fresh orange juice, each, with 1 tsp of grenadine. Shake all the ingredients thoroughly before straining into drinking glasses. Finally, pour carefully 4 oz of ginger ale from the top. Serve chilled with a small cut of orange skin.
– Similarly, you can also make ‘Campari Safari’ cocktail. For that, omit both rum and grenadine, and replace the ale with chilled tonic water.

Campari-based Tiki Orange Drink

4. Negroni Bitter Short Shooters with Sweet Vermouth

Combine ½ oz of each of Campari, gin and dry vermouth in a pre-frozen shot glass. To this, add a slice of orange, along with a dash of sweet and sour mix and Angostura bitters, each. Gulp down.
If you would prefer a girly ‘Campari Jasmine’ shooter, replace the vermouth with Cointreau, and the bitters with a dash of fresh lemon juice. So, leave out the sweet-sour mix.

Negroni Drink Made with Campari

5. Fruity Grapefruit-Campari Liqueur Drink

Fill a cocktail glass with 1 oz of Campari and vodka each, added with 1 tbsp lemon juice and 4 oz grapefruit juice. Float ice cubes from the top. Serve with a slice of grapefruit and a stylish straw.

Fruity-Flavor Drink Made with Campari

6. Homemade Campari Granita Dessert Recipe

Stir mix 1 cup of grapefruit juice (you may also go for orange, pineapple or tomatoes), with ½ cup Campari and ½ tsp fresh lime juice. Place this mixture in the freezer in a square metal plate. Once it begins to solidify, use an icebreaker or a spoon to break it into large crystals. Repeat the process every hour, for 2-3 hours (or until it solidifies firmly). When done, crush the ice as finely as possible, and transfer into pre-chilled glasses. Pour 1 oz cold lemonade (or any soft drink you prefer – like ‘Sprite’) over it and serve quickly.

How to Make Campari Granita Dessert

7. Hot Sweet Vermouth Christmas Cocktail with Campari

Take a coffee mug and fill it with boiling water. Wait for a couple of minutes, until the cup gets hot and the water turns warm. Discard the water, while immediately pouring in 1 oz of sweet vermouth, Bourbon (or Scotch)whiskey, each, with ½ oz sweet cinnamon liquor and a dash of limoncello. Pour in 2-3 oz of boiling water over this mixture. Top with a slice of orange and sip hot.

Sweet Vermouth Hot Christmas Cocktail with Campari

8. Standard Mojito Using Campari Liquor

Lightly hand-crush 6-8 mint and basil leaves together, and throw them in an old-fashioned glass. To this, add 1 oz of Campari liqueur, 2 slices of lemon, and 1 tsp of sugar syrup. Do not filter the mixture. Pour crushed ice cubes in it, and finally, add club soda. Serve with mints and lemon slices.

Mojito Cocktail with Campari and Soda

9. Shakerato Martini Margarita Summer Drink

Just shake 1 oz of vodka with 2 oz of Campari, along with ½ oz Cointreau, 1½ oz tequila, and 3-4 dashes of lime juice. Pour into martini glasses over crushed ice. Garnish with a citrus twist and enjoy the flavor.

Shakerato Martini Drink with Campari Liqueur

10. Easy Campari Manhattan Cocktail

Mix 2 oz American rye whiskey, ½ oz of sweet vermouth and Campari, each, along with a dash or two of bitters. Place ice cubes in a cocktail glass and strain over. Garnish with an orange peel.

Campari Red Manhattan Cocktail Drink

With all these mixes and recipes, we must also mention that many alcohol lovers prefer drinking it neat or straight up because it is relatively low in alcohol content. Though some people consider ‘Cynar’ as a substitute to Campari, yet there is certainly a thin red line in between that can’t be expressed by mere words, unless you actually take the first sip of this great red liqueur!

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