Top 10 Simple Mezcal Cocktails with Recipes

What is Mezcal

Mezcal (also called Mescal) is a popular Mexican liqueur. Like tequila, Mezcal is made from any of the ‘agave’ type plants that grow in Mexico. The beverage is a good choice for cocktails, margaritas, and many other mixes, especially shots. It tastes a bit smoky and sweet because of the presence of agave, which itself is sweet in taste. It is 75 proof with 37.5% alcohol (abv), and has a total of 104 calories per 1 oz serving. In Mexico, this spirit is generally consumed straight up.

Try out these awesome mezcal recipes we have collected exclusively for you. Make them at home and enjoy the great flavor of this Latino drink.

Mezcal Cocktail Drink Recipes with Mixes & Ingredients

Mezcal Drinks

1. Mezcal Alcoholic Punch Negroni Fusion Drink

In a cocktail glass, mix ¼ oz of each of Campari and sweet vermouth with ½ oz of each of mezcal (like Benava, Anejo or Ilegal) and orange or pineapple gin (optional). Fill the rest with chilled Prosecco wine (or else, sherry or beer). Decorate with any fresh, bright fruit like orange, strawberry or cherry.
[Alternately, for the ‘Negroni’ classic cocktail, just omit the wine part and increase the quantity of the rest of the three to 1 oz each. Serve with ice in old-fashioned glasses.]

Mezcal Negroni Alcoholic Punch Fusion Drink

2. Fruity Bitter-Sweet Paloma Drink Using Mezcal

In a pitcher, lightly combine mezcal, vodka, grand mariner and triple sec, grapefruit juice in equal parts, with a hint of cocktail bitters and a few hand-crushed basil and mint leaves. Pour in highball glasses over ice and serve them to your guests.
[Grapefruit is preferred for this recipe, but you can also choose from blackberry, guava, pomegranate or pear.]

Fruity Bitter-Sweet Paloma Drink Using Mezcal

3. Smoky Hot Mezcal Drink for Winter

This one tastes even better in winter as the first morning drink.
Mix ¾ oz of mezcal liquor, ½ oz of Malibu coconut rum, 1 oz of Allen’s coffee brandy in a coffee mug and mix. Pour in drinking cups. Fill the rest with hot coffee and sugar to taste, and thoroughly mix again. Garnish with whipped cream and powdered cinnamon. Serve hot or warm, according to your preference.
[With your sleepy eyes early in the morning, if you want a quicker option, just dissolve ¾ oz honey in 4 oz of fuming hot water, and add 1½ oz mezcal and ½ oz lemon juice. Squeeze the wedges of an orange and a lemon and dip them in. This is ‘Toddy’.]

Smoky Hot Mezcal Alcoholic Drink for Winter

4. Easy Fizzy Mezcal Hot-Shot Instant Wild Shooters

This shot might not be good for those who do not like hot taste.
Pour ⅓ oz of mezcal, chartreuse and Bourbon whiskey (alternately, rye or Scotch whiskey), each, with 2-4 dashes of hot Tabasco sauce (according to taste) and a pinch of ginger powder in shot glasses. Fill the rest with chilled club soda and shoot in.

Easy Fizzy Mezcal Hot-Shot Instant Wild Shooters

5. Mezcal-based Spicy Margarita Recipe with Tequila

This spicy recipe would keep you warm in the cooling breeze of the fall.
In a glass, use a muddler to crush ¼ tsp red pepper flakes. To this, add ¾ oz of lime juice, a pinch of chili powder, ½ oz of pumpkin purée, and 1 oz of each of Reposado tequila and mezcal. Shake all the ingredients together vigorously and strain into a wide lowball glass. Drop a few ice cubes in it. Spread a pinch of chipotle chili flakes from the top. Garnish with cilantro and cucumber slice.

Mezcal-based Spicy Margarita Recipe with Tequilla

6. Mezcal ‘Mule’ Mixed Alcoholic Punch

In a cocktail glass, mix 2 oz of mezcal and 1 oz of fresh lime juice. To this, add a few ice cubes. Fill the rest of the glass with ginger beer. Sip chilled.

Mezcal ‘Mule’ Mixed Alcoholic Punch Cocktail

7. Hottie-Sweet-Sour-Salt Mezcal ‘Shrub’ Cocktail

Use a shaker to combine 1 oz of mezcal, and apple cider vinegar, each, with a tsp of lemon juice, a pinch of each of kosher salt and white pepper powder, and elderflower cordial (or sugar syrup) to taste. Pour into chilled cocktail glasses. Float ice cubes on top and stand a fresh rosemary sprig before you serve.

Hottie-Sweet-Sour-Salt Mezcal ‘Shrub’ Cocktail

8. Authentic Mezcal ‘Flip’ Cocktail Drink Recipe

Vigorously shake mix 3 oz of mezcal with 1½ oz agave syrup, 1 egg (both yolk and albumen included), and a dash of Angostura bitters. Serve with ice cubes in lowball glasses.

Authentic Mezcal ‘Flip’ Cocktail Drink Recipe

9. Delicious Mezcal ‘Sazerac’ Classic Cocktail Drink

Take a cocktail glass and rinse the inner wall with ⅓ oz absinthe and discard the remaining. Set the glass aside with a few ice cubes in it. Take another glass and pour 1-2 drops of cocktail bitters and a few drops of simple syrup (both to taste). Now, add 3 oz of rye whiskey to it. Next, take the previous glass and throw away the ice. Pour the rye whiskey mix into this glass. Garnish with a peel of orange and serve.

Delicious Mezcal ‘Sazerac’ Classic Cocktail Drink

10. Mezcal ‘Martinez’ Classic Cocktail Drink

Shake together 2 oz mezcal, ½ oz of each of vermouth and cynar, along with ¼ oz of Maraschino liqueur. Fill a cocktail glass with crushed ice and pour the mixture over it. Now, hold an orange peel over the glass while holding a burning matchstick under it. Keep squeezing the peel for a few seconds to release oil. Finally, garnish the drink with the peel before you sip.

Mezcal ‘Martinez’ Classic Cocktail Drink

So, those were the few of the best mezcal recipes from us for you. Each one is great in its own way. Now it’s for you to try and decide which one you would fall for. Good Luck!

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