Top 15 Christmas Cocktails & Fun Drinks With Recipe

Christmas means, lights, snowman, Santa, Dasher, Dancer, and their friends, stars, jingling bells, socks full of gifts, the Christmas tree, and what not! Different countries and people celebrate it in their own sweet ways, but, everyone is perhaps unanimous about the fun time associated to Xmas, and that food and drinks play as one of the key ingredients of ‘fun’!

To make your winter moments even warmer, here are a few good recipes for the latest cocktails and yummy mocktails to make at home. Here you go!

Recipes and Ideas for Some of the Best Christmas Party Drinks

Christmas Cocktails & Drinks

1. ‘White Snowman’ Christmas Dessert Cocktail

In a blender, blend together 1 part each of gin and Bailey’s Irish Cream, and ¼ part of each of white rum, Benedictine and cold premixed pudding at high speed for 15-20 seconds. Transfer into dessert or cocktail glasses with a large scoop of ice cream and a cherry. You can use your creativity for some decorations that match the mood of the festive season. Serve this to the crowd after dinner.

‘White Snowman’ Christmas Dessert Cocktail

2. DIY Winter Morning Christmas Eve Mixed Hot Drink

Shake mix ½ oz of whiskey (like Jameson, Jack Daniels, or any Bourbon whiskey), spiced rum and brandy, each, along with ¼ oz triple sec and strain in a coffee mug, preferably red. Now, fill the rest with fuming hot espresso coffee liquor, and add a splash of Jagermeister. Top with whipped cream (at room temperature), and crush one coffee bean and sprinkle from the top. Sip immediately.
[If you want, replace the coffee with chocolate.]

DIY Winter Morning Christmas Eve Mixed Hot Drink

3. Non-alcoholic Christmas Day Instant Mocktail for Children

This virgin (without alcohol) Xmas drink is ideal for pregnant ladies and kids (or even diabetics, or those who are just not into alcohol). To make this, first vigorously shake 3 oz ginger ale with 1 oz of each of maple syrup and lemon or lime juice. Strain over ice in stylish glasses and serve. You can decorate with candy canes and other mocktail accessories (like Santa-faced stirrers, red & white straws, etc.) if you are serving it to kids, or with lemon and mint if your guests are adults.
[For the cocktail version, just replace the ginger ale with Prosecco sparkling wine or any beer.]

Instant Ornamented Christmas Day Mocktail for Kids

4. Traditional Green ‘Grinch’ Adults’ Holiday-Party Cocktail

For a party crowd consisting of around 50 people, you need to mix together in a pitcher, or a large jug or bowl, 150 oz of each of peach schnapps, Bacardi 151 rum, and Blue Curacao liqueur, with 200 oz of Sprite, and 600 oz orange juice (both chilled). The drink should look green. Serve in cocktail glasses with a splash of amaretto and garnish with cherries and candy canes.

Traditional Green ‘Grinch’ Adults’ Holiday-Party Cocktail

5. Christmas Brunch Appetizer Alcoholic ‘Toddy’ Recipe

To make this healthy, low calorie brunch or morning drink, first mix ¾ oz honey in 4 oz of hot water. To this, mix 1½ oz mezcal and ½ oz lemon juice. Finally, squeeze the wedges of a lime and an orange, and dip them in the mixture. Now, feel the warmth running down your throat!

Healthy Christmas Appetizer ‘Toddy’ Recipe

6. Santa Claus’ Red Robe Christmas-themed Cocktail

To make this simple drink, mix well 2 oz Absolut Ruby Red Vodka, 1 oz Dekuyper Pomegranate Liqueur or Chambord raspberry liqueur, and cranberry juice, each. The drink would be crimson red. You can use Xmas cocktail accessories like Santa’s belt, tied in the middle of the glass. When done, float ice cubes and serve.

Santa Claus’ Red Robe Christmas Vodka Cocktail

7. Mixed Alcoholic Christmas Cocktail Shooter Shots for Guys

In a shot glass, combine ¼ oz of each of Disaronno Originale, peppermint schnapps, St Germain, tequila, crème de menthe, and Kahlua. Throw an ice cube in it, swirl a little, and shoot it.

Mixed Alcoholic Christmas Cocktail Shooter Shots for Guys

8. Vodka-based ‘Gingerbread Martini’ Cosmopolitan Cocktail

In your shaker, shake vigorously 2 oz of each of Irish cream liqueur, vanilla vodka, cinnamon and butterscotch schnapps, white of an egg (optional, only if you want a creamy consistency), and ½ a cup of crushed ice. Transfer into martini glasses and serve chilled, garnished with a Christmas cookie.

Christmas ‘Gingerbread Martini’ Cosmopolitan Cocktail

9. Simple 3-Ingredient ‘Christmas Hug’ Cocktail Punch

Blend together 2 oz of apple juice, along with 1 oz of each of Fireball Whisky and cranberry juice. Strain over broken ice in a wide glass and serve with a thin slice of apple.

Simple 3-Ingredient ‘Christmas Hug’ Cocktail Punch

10. Blue ‘Jack Frost’ English Christmas Cocktail/Mocktail

Pour 8 oz of pineapple juice with 4 oz of each of white light rum or vodka, blue curacao, and coconut cream in a mixer and combine thoroughly. Rim a cocktail glass with shredded coconut, and transfer the mix into it. Garnish the drink carefully with a few pinches of the coconut (so that they do not sink, as to give the effect of snowfall). Now serve immediately.
[For the nonalcoholic mocktail version, replace the rum with unsweetened sparkling soda water.]

Traditional ‘Jack Frost’ Blue Christmas Cocktail/Mocktail

11. Christmas ‘Poinsettia’ Easy Champagne Cocktail Drink

In a cocktail glass, simply mix well ½ oz of Cointreau with 3 oz cranberry juice. Now, fill the rest with chilled champagne and serve.

Christmas ‘Poinsettia’ Cocktail Drink

12. Traditional Quick Eggnog Recipe for Christmas

In your blender, blend 2⅓ cup of low-fat milk, 3 tbsp sugar, 1 pinch nutmeg powder, 2 beaten eggs, and 1 tsp vanilla extract, until smooth. Pour into old-fashioned glasses over ice cubes. Stand whole cinnamon sticks and sprinkle some extra nutmeg powder from the top before you serve.

Traditional Quick Eggnog Recipe for Christmas

13. Special ‘Snowball’ Classic Cocktail for Xmas Party

Use a shaker for mixing 1 oz egg liqueur (like Advocaat), 3 oz lemonade, juice of a ¼ lime, and 1 cup crushed ice. Strain into frosted glasses, garnished with a slice of lime and cherry.

Classic Xmas ‘Snowball’ Cocktail

14. ‘Christmas Jones’ Xmas Cocktail & Mocktail

Use a blender to combine together 1½ oz of vodka, 4 fresh strawberries, 2 tbsp of fine sugar powder, 5 oz pineapple juice. When done, strain into cocktail glasses over ice and pour 7 Up or Sprite (or any other colorless soft drinks) from the top. Garnish with a mint sprig.
[For a mocktail, you only need to replace the vodka with club soda.]

‘Christmas Jones’ Xmas Cocktail & Mocktail

15. ‘Rudolph the Reindeer’ Signature Christmas Carol Cocktail

Shake 2 oz vodka with 1 oz of each of hazelnut liqueur, coconut rum, and half-and-half cream. Transfer into pre-frozen martini glasses. Before you serve, stand two long cinnamon sticks on both sides of the glass to resemble reindeer antlers, and a maraschino cherry in between as the nose of Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer.

‘Rudolph the Reindeer’ Classic Christmas Carol Cocktail

Because there is no other long holiday season like Christmas, we would suggest you utilize this time of year. Try out these inexpensive, homemade recipes, one by one, each day, and enjoy the entire season of this grand gala. Wish you a Merry Christmas, everyone!

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