Top 10 Chambord Drinks with Recipes

What is Chambord

Chambord Liqueur is a popular raspberry-flavored signature drink from France. This delicious liqueur is not just known for its captivating flavor but also for its elegant getup. No matter if you are an expert or a novice with cocktails and shots, we are here again with a few of the best drink ideas featuring Chambord for your holidays and fun moments.

Chambord Drinks

Recipes for Cocktails with Chambord Raspberry Liqueur

1. Chambord 1800 Margarita Summer-Cocktail

Shake 2 oz tequila, 1 oz Cointreau liqueur, 1 oz Chambord, and 4 oz sweet-and-sour mix together with a few ice cubes. Strain into a margarita glass. Rim the glass with sea salt and garnish with a lemon rind.

Margarita Summer-Cocktail Drink with Chambord

2. Alcoholic Winter-Punch with Vodka & Champagne

In a shaker, mix 1½ oz of Absolut Ruby Red Vodka and champagne each, along with ½ oz of each of white wine (like Prosecco) and Chambord Raspberry Liqueur. Strain into a slim glass with ice cubes, and garnish with fresh raspberries.

For a quick Chambord ‘Kamikaze’, just omit the champagne, and wine, while increasing the quantity of vodka to 3 oz.

Chambord Alcoholic Winter-Punch with Vodka

3. Basic Chambord Martini Drink

Shake well 1 oz Chambord Liqueur, 2 oz gin, 3-4 oz of any carbonated drink (like Sprite, Red Bull, or club soda), and sweet and sour mix (to taste). Garnish with a lemon rind before serving. If you prefer whiskey, you can replace the gin with Scotch whiskey (that won’t remain a ‘Martini,’ though).

Basic Chambord Liqueur Drink with Whiskey

4. Hot Chambord Black Coffee

Pour 5 oz of hot black coffee and 1 oz of Chambord in a coffee mug along with a tsp of brown sugar (or to taste). Stir mix gently. Float 1½ oz whipped cream on top. Serve before it gets cold.

Alternately, you can replace the coffee with the same quantity of hot drinking chocolate. But if you use sweetened chocolate, just omit the sugar. This one can be a good after-dinner drink, especially during fall or winter.

Hot Black Coffee Chambord Drink

5. Red Christmas-Cocktail Mixed with Chambord

Blend Chambord Liqueur Royale Deluxe, Cognac brandy, and Bailey’s Irish Cream 1 oz each with a splash of grenadine and a tsp of whipped cream. Rim the glass with crushed ice and serve with a red straw in a pre-frozen glass. Top with red raspberries.

Red Christmas Cocktail made with Chambord

6. Black Halloween Chocolatey Chambord

Shake mix ¾ oz black chocolate liqueur (like Godiva) with ¼ ozChambord, ½ oz Kahlua, and ½ oz Bailey’s Irish Cream. Garnish with squeezed whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Chocolaty Halloween Chambord Liqueur Recipe

7. Fruity Dessert Long-Drink with Raspberry Liqueur

Blend Chambord Raspberry Liqueur, and Midori ½ oz each, with 2 oz orange juice, and 1 oz each of cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and Frangelico hazelnut liqueur. Pour the mix over ice in a glass. Top with cherries and orange rinds.

Fruity Dessert Long Chambord Drink

8. Easy Chambord Short-Shooter

Vigorously shake ½ oz Amaretto, ¼ oz Crème de Cacao, and ¼ oz Chambord. Serve in shot glasses.

Easy Short-Shooter mixed with Chambord


9. Purple Chambord Straight Shot-Drink

In a mixer, pour a handful of crushed ice. To this, add ½ oz vodka (or white rum), ½ oz Chambord, ¼ oz sour mix, a dash of lime juice, and just enough Blue Curaçao to make the drink purple (usually no more than ¼ oz). Shake for a minute. Strain into shot glasses and serve.

Purple Straight Shot-Drink with Chambord Recipe

10. Pink Chambord Cocktail

Pour ½ oz of rose wine and Chambord liqueur each in a glass jar. To this, add 1 oz of clear vodka and a hint of grenadine. Stir mix. Pour the mixture into a cocktail glass over a ripe raspberry. Finally, fill the rest of the glass with 2 oz of chilled club soda. Sip immediately.

Pink Cocktail with Chambord Recipe

So now just try these exotic Chambord recipes one by one, and surprise your friends every now and then – on holidays or weekends!

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