Top 10 Zima Drinks

What is Zima

Zima (meaning ‘winter’ in the Slavic languages) is an alcoholic beverage that originated in the United States back in 1993. This lightly carbonated malt beverage, which tastes somewhat like Sprite, was released in the US market as an alternative to beer. Even though the drink was rising in popularity among all alcohol lovers, including the gay community, it was discontinued from the American market in October 2008. Nevertheless, it continued to remain popular in Japan, and the authorities promised its come-back to the US market in summer 2018.
Nutrition Facts: The alcohol content (ABV) of Zima is 4.7%-5.4%. Each 12 oz serving contains about 181 calories and 21 g of carb. It is fatless and free of cholesterol.

Here is a list of the choicest Zima cocktail drink recipes, along with ingredients and procedures. Check them out!

How to Make and Drink Zima Cocktails

Zima Drinks

1. Zima 2-ingredient Easy Cocktail

Shake gently a bottle of chilled Zima with 1 oz Cognac, and serve in a highball glass with a citrus chunk (optional).

Zima 2-ingredient Easy Cocktail

2. Fruity Zima Alcohol Cocktail

In a pitcher, mix a bottle of citrus Zima with 2 oz of each of watermelon, tomato and strawberry juices, and 4 oz of Scotch/Bourbon whiskey. Serve in stylish glasses with frozen strawberries as garnish.

Fruity Zima Alcohol Cocktail

3. Mixed Rum-based Zima Healthy Drink for a Crowd

Get a pitcher with 60 oz liquid capacity, and fill it with plenty of ice cubes (almost halfway). Next, pour 1 oz of each of white and spiced rums, ½ oz coconut rum and Bacardi Limon each, and 2 bottles of Zima. When done, fill the rest of the pitcher with equal quantities of orange and carrot juices. Stir lightly with a few splashes of Sprite or 7Up (to taste). Serve the crowd in old-fashioned glasses.

Mixed Rum-based Zima Healthy Drink for a Crowd

4. Simple Zima Mixed Ginger Drink

Mix 2 bottles of Zima with 1 bottle of ginger beer (or ginger ale), both chilled. Add 2 oz Jagermeister, and stir lightly. Serve in cocktail glasses over a few ginger juliennes in each.

Simple Zima Mixed Ginger Drink

5. Lemony Zima Summer Cocktail

Rim a lowball glass first with lemon juice and then with table salt. Now quickly (but carefully) stir 1 oz of Zima with ½ oz of each both citrus vodka and gin. Fill the rest with lemonade. Garnish with a lemon rind and a mint sprig. Now beat the heat with your drink.

Lemony Zima Summer Cocktail

6. Zima Kick-Up Quick Alcoholic Punch

Miz 1½ of grenadine and white rum with 12 oz of Zima in a wide glass, over a handful of crushed ice. Now sip.

Zima Kick-Up Quick Alcohol Punch

7. Zima Low-Alcohol 2-Minute Cocktail

Over ice, mix 3 oz of Southern Comfort and Mountain Dew, each, with 1½ oz Zima and ½ oz lime juice (all chilled). Your drink is ready.

Zima Low-Alcohol 2-Minute Cocktail

8. Zima Cocktail for a Friendly Party

In a mixing bowl, mix 2 parts of sour apple schnapps with 1 part of vodka. Fill the rest with Zima (as per taste). Share it with your friends in large glasses or beer mugs.

Zima Cocktail for a Friendly Party

9. Zima Juicy Cool Cocktail Punch

Mix 1 oz of each of chilled Zima, Malibu rum, strawberry mix and blue curacao, with 6 oz of orange juice. Serve this fun drink with a citrus garnish.

Zima Juicy Cool Cocktail Punch

10. Zima Pomegranate Martini Gay Party Cocktail

In a cocktail shaker, mix vigorously for 15-20 seconds, 2 oz of each of pomegranate juice and Zima, with ½ oz of each of vodka, Cointreau, and fresh lemon juice, along with a handful of ice cubes. Transfer the mix into pre-chilled martini glasses and serve your guests.

Zima Pomegranate Martini Gay Party Cocktail

Though we know that you might not always get Zima just anywhere because of its limited availability; but, as mentioned above, the good news is that it is coming back, and quite soon! So, just head on and keep your hands ready to grab a whole carton of Zima to party with your friends hard by the next summer!

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