Top 10 Maker’s Mark Whiskey Drinks with Recipes

What is Maker’s Mark Whiskey

Maker’s Mark is a brand of American bourbon whiskey with 45% ABV (alcohol content), and 90 US proof, typically sealed with red wax. A common choice of alcohol lovers since 1954, this popular drink is absolutely gluten-free.

Here are a few of the best ideas for cocktails and mixed drinks using Maker’s Mark, as also their recipes and ingredients. Try on.

How to Make Maker’s Mark Cocktail Drinks

Makers Mark Drinks

1. Maker’s Mark Ginger Ale Party Cocktail

Throw ice cubes into drinking glasses. Over these, pour 1 oz of Maker’s Mark bourbon whiskey along with a dash of grenadine and honey (or maple syrup) each. Fill the rest with ginger ale. Do not stir, since the fizz from the ale will slowly mix them all by itself.
(As a variation, you might as well use ginger beer instead of ginger ale.)

Maker’s Mark Whiskey Cocktail with Ginger Ale

2. Hot Holiday Coffee Drink Using Maker’s Mark 46

This is ideal for enjoying with your friends on a winter evening. In a mixer, combine well 1 oz of each of Makers Mark 46 and Starbucks Cream Liqueur. Transfer it into a coffee mug. Now, add a few dashes of Frangelico, and then fill the rest with 5 oz of hot or warm coffee. Top with a large dollop of ice cream or whipped cream.

Maker’s Mark Hot Holiday Coffee Drinks

3. Flaming Martini Mixed-Drink with Maker’s Mark

This drink is relatively low in calories. To make it, take a shaker and pour 2 oz of Maker’s Mark whiskey, along with 1 oz each of triple sec, lime juice and cranberry juice (or you can go for pineapple or orange juice instead). Shake vigorously with ice cubes and strain in martini glasses. You can either make a flame over the drink or just serve it like that, along with a mint sprig.

Maker’s Mark Flaming Martini Drink

4. Summer Derby Ball Drink with Maker’s Mark Whiskey

In a glass jar, pour 2 oz Maker’s Mark, 1 oz white crème de cacao, and ¼ oz hazelnut liqueur. Stir well with ice cubes and strain in pre-frozen glasses. Top with a scoop of chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

Derby Summer Drink with Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey

5. Girly-Red Fall Punch Frozen Long Drink

This blood-red fruity drink is ideal for a girly Halloween party. Combine 2 oz of Maker’s Mark White whiskey along with ½ oz of each of strawberry, cherry, and pomegranate (or watermelon) drinks, with 1½ cups of ice cubes in a blender. Blend for about 15-20 seconds, or until slushy. Pour into old fashioned glasses and fill the rest with chilled club soda (or soft drinks like coke/lemonade). Serve with a lemon ridge and fresh cherries or strawberries.

White Maker’s Mark Mixed Girly Red Drink

6. Maker’s Mark Manhattan Hot-Sweet-Bitter Shooter

In a shot glass, mix ½ oz of Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey, ½ oz sweet vermouth, a few dashes of cherry bitters and gourmet sauce, and 1-2 tbsp of cherry juice. Enjoy the ‘good shot’.

Maker’s Mark Hot Sweet Bitter Shooter

7. Simple Vodka Cranberry Specialty Cocktail

In a large cocktail glass, mix 2 oz Maker’s Mark, 1 oz green apple vodka, 2 oz of cranberry juice and 3 oz of carbonated water. Float sparkling ice cubes on top and serve with a drinking straw.

Maker’s Mark Cranberry Specialty Cocktail

8. Old Fashioned Christmas Eggnog Signature Drink

In a large bowl, separate the albumen of 24 eggs from the yolks. Now, beat the latter along with 1¼ cup of sugar until they have a creamy consistency. Next, beat the albumen of all the eggs in another big bowl while adding ½ a cup of sugar, until the mixture stands in peak. Beat the yolk mixture further, along with 1 bottle of Maker’s Mark 46, and add this to the albumen bowl. Whisk 1 quart each of cream and milk together, add this to the egg mixture and beat everything thoroughly together, along with ½ tbsp of nutmeg powder. Pour into glasses and refrigerate for 4-5 hours. Serve chilled with extra cream, sprinkled with pinches of nutmeg powder.

Maker’s Mark Christmas Eggnog Recipe

9. Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey Hot Kentucky Cider

Pour 1¼ oz of Maker’s Mark in a mug and add a dash of allspice powder. Over this, pour 5-6 oz of hot apple cider. Stand a cinnamon stick and serve hot with a slice of lemon.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey Hot Drink

10. Easy Maker’s Mark Mint Julep Sweet Cocktail

Use a muddler to crush 9-10 mint leaves along with ½ oz Maker’s Mark Mint Julep and 1 level-tsp of powdered sugar. Pour a few cracked ice cubes in a tall glass and pour the mixture over it. Add 1½ oz more of Maker’s Mark Mint Julep to it and fill the rest with sparkling water. Float ice cubes from the top and serve with a rind of lemon and a mint sprig.

Sweet Cocktail with Maker’s Mark Mint Julep Whiskey

To let your taste buds get perfectly acquainted, and then accustomed to the exquisite flavors of classic drinks like Maker’s Mark bourbon whiskey, you must first know the ingredients and their perfect proportions for making your own bourbon drink – be it the simple sugar-and-lemon ‘whiskey sour’, or all those intricate martinis! However, whether to drink it neat or not completely depends on you. Best of luck!

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