Top 10 Wine Cocktails & Drinks

Wine is probably one of the most favorite drinks in the world that comes in a wide range of variations, flavors, and colors. In the US, one ‘standard’ drink contains around 14 grams of pure alcohol and that is found in 5 ounces of wine.

Drinking wine has certain benefits. It is considered healthy because wine is a good antioxidant (believed to have anti-cancer properties). Nevertheless, drinking wine daily in an unrestrained manner is also not a good choice. It is also not recommended for pregnant women because of the risks of fetal alcohol syndrome.

If you want to drink wine properly, you must also understand the many types and varieties, as well as the famous coolers and cocktails made with it, or what to drink with wine!

Best Recipes for Drinking Wine: How to make Wine Cooler Drinks

Wine Cocktails

1. Easy Cherry Wine and Vodka Drink

In a large wine glass, mix 5 oz of chilled cherry wine with 7 oz vodka, and stir thoroughly. That’s all. Now drink.

Tip: As a variation, you can punch any other fruit wine according to your taste, like banana, palm, elderberry, or Sauvignon blanc (a variety of green grape) wine (like, Lillet Blanc).

Easy Cherry Wine and Vodka Drink

2. Dry White Wine Cooler Cocktail for Summer (without Liquor)

This drink pairs great with rich oily fish dishes like smoked salmon.

In a tall glass, stir mix 2 oz of dry white wine and pineapple juice, each, with ½ tsp of sugar syrup (if you are on a diet or have calorie issues, replace it with a sugar supplement). Throw in a few ice cubes and fill the rest with sparkling soda. Garnish with citrus peels and serve.

Dry White Wine Summer Coolers Cocktail (without liquor)

3. Spiced Vegan Hot Mulled Drink with Wine for a Crowd

In a saucepan, mix 1 part of Beefeater 24 gin, with 2 parts of full-bodied red wine, a few slices of lemon and orange, each, 2-3 medium piece of orange peel stuck with whole cloves, 2 large cinnamon sticks, and a few tsp of honey (as per taste). Now, simmer cook the mixture over medium flame. Do not bring it to a boil. Finally, pour it in a toddy glass and sprinkle a pinch of nutmeg powder. Float a couple of fresh mint leaves and sip it hot or warm, whichever temperature you prefer.

Spiced Vegan Hot Mulled Drink with Wine for a Crowd

4. Red & White Sparkling Wine-based Mixed Shooter Drinks

In a large can/pitcher/jug, mix 1 part of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey or Bourbon whiskey with ½ part of each of Prosecco or Moscato white wine and Lambrusco wine (a sparkling red Italian wine) or red port. Line up shot glasses and pour the mix into these. Add a splash of kombucha tea liquor into each and gobble down with your friends.

Red & White Wine Mixed Shooter Drinks

5. Simple Sweet ‘n’ Sour Dessert Wine Cocktail

Mix 4 oz ice wine* (or any other sweet dessert wine, like Madeira, Moscato d’Asti, Tokaji Azsú, Sauternes), with the same quantity of chilled beer, and 1 oz lemon syrup. Stir mix and serve.

[*Ice wine is a kind of dessert wine made from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine.]
Note: If you don’t find ice wine, you can replace it with chocolate wine (like, ChocoVine).

Sweet ‘n’ Sour Dessert Wine Cocktail

6. Fruit Juice Christmas Brunch Cocktail with Italian Rose Wine

Shake together 2 oz of rose wine or vintage Italian Marsala wine (or else, the traditional Buckfast Tonic Wine), with 2 oz of each of pineapple (or peach) and orange juices, 1½ oz white rum, and the juice of ½ lemon. Stir lightly and add a dash of apple cider from the top. Serve it with hot roasted lamb or pork chops for brunch and warm up your X-mas moment.

(Tip: If you want it for a girls’ party, go for a pink or reddish tinge – use watermelon, strawberry, cranberry, raspberry, or pomegranate, instead.)

Italian Wine & Fruit Juice Christmas Brunch Cocktail

7. Fall-Winter Mixed Sangria Drinks using Wine

In a big punch bowl, mix 4 cups of red wine (or English ginger wine, if you prefer it gingery), with 1¼ cups of each of triple sec, kirsch cherry brandy, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, and gin. Throw in sliced oranges, pears, and apples in the mixture and stir evenly. Now, serve with a hot snack like fried spaghetti, or hot pizzas.

Mixed DIY Fall Winter Sangria Drinks using Wine

8. Classic French Kir Appetizer Cocktail

[Kir is a popular French cocktail made with a measure of crème de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) topped up with white wine. It is usually drunk as an apéritif before a meal or snack, and in any party or gathering/holidays like Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Easter. Below is the homemade version.]

In a white wine glass, pour 1 part of crème de cassis, and then top up with 9 parts of wine. Serve it to your guests before or along with dinner.

Kir – Classic French Appetizer Cocktail

9. Chinese Rice Wine-infused Cantonese Cocktail

Shake together 1½ oz rice wine, with ¼ oz triple sec, 1 tsp grenadine syrup, and 2 oz mandarin juice. Fill an old-fashioned glass and half fill it with broken ice. Strain the mixture over it, and serve it garnished with cherry and orange twist.

Rice Wine-infused Chinese Cantonese Cocktail

10. Wine Spritzer Spring-Summer Cold Cocktail

Fill a wine glass with ice cubes, and over this, pour 3 oz of aromatic white wine. Now, add chilled club soda (or lemonade), followed by a dash of bitters and tequila, each, from the top. Do not stir, but just garnish with an orange twist.

Wine Spritzer Spring-Summer Cold Cocktail

Wine is cherished with lunch, dinner, or just any kind of food. But remember, the commercial cooking wines are not meant for drinking, and they do not contain alcohol.

Wine is ‘holy’, and Jesus drank wine at his ‘last supper’, while they say, “the best wines are the ones we drink with friends”. Not for nothing is February 18 observed annually as the ‘National Drink Wine Day’! So, enjoy our delicious drinks and try the entire list at home. Call it an Old Wine, but in a new bottle – Cheers!

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