Top 10 Crème de Banana Drinks

What is Crème de Banana

Crème de Banana is a well-known banana-flavored liqueur from France that is extensively used in alcoholic drinks, mixes, desserts, confectionaries, and other similar preparations around the world.

Here is our list of drinks to make with crème de banana. You must try making as well as taste these to understand the real flavor of this alcoholic liqueur.

Crème de Banana Cocktail Drink Recipes

Creme de Banana Drinks

1. Handsfree Party Shooter Drinks made with Crème de Banana

This drink should be swallowed at one go without using your hands. Lightly mix ⅓ oz of each of Kahlua, Irish cream, crème de banana in a shaker and pour into shot glasses. Top with whipped cream. Now put both your hands behind, hold your glass by its rim using your teeth, and shoot in!
Sadly, you can’t say ‘cheers’!

Handsfree Party Shooter Drinks made with Creme de Banana

2. Cocktail Drink with Rum & Crème de Banana Liqueur

In a shaker, shake together 1 oz of each of crème de banana (like Bols or Dekuyper), white rum, 1½ oz of cream and a dash of grenadine. Pour over ice in a cocktail glass and sprinkle nutmeg powder on top. Serve with 2 or 3 small round slices of frozen banana.

Cocktail Drink with Rum & Creme de Banana Liqueur

3. Simple Milk Shots with Crème de Banana Liqueur

Shake mix 2 parts of milk with 1 part of crème de banana and Baileys Irish Cream, each. Strain into shot glasses and serve your friends.

Simple Milk Shots with Creme de Banana Liqueur

4. Mixed Fruity Alcoholic Drink using Crème de Banana

Blend 1 oz of peach schnapps, 2 oz crème de banana, and 3 oz of orange juice, along with ice cubes, until the mix is slushy. Pour into cocktail glasses and add grenadine from the top. Do not stir, so that it gradually mixes with the drink in the glass.

Mixed Fruity Alcoholic Drink using Creme de Banana

5. Tangy Golden Cocktail with Vodka & Crème de Banana

Use your shaker to combine 2 oz of vodka with 1 oz of Strega, and ½ oz of each of crème de banana and orange juice. Strain into cocktail glasses and float ice cubes from the top.

Tangy Golden Cocktail with Vodka & Creme de Banana Liqueur

6. 2-Ingredient Crème de Banana Shooter

Just mix ¾ oz of Jagermeister with ¼ oz of crème de banana in a chilled shot glass and shoot in.

2-Ingredient Creme de Banana Shooter

7. Hawaiian Cocktail Drinks with Crème de Banana

In a jar, thoroughly mix Baileys Irish Cream, Malibu rum, and crème de banana in a ratio of 2:1:1 respectively. Add ice cubes as required. Strain into cocktail glasses, topped with an umbrella and a cherry/lemon rind.

Hawaiian Cocktail Drinks with Creme de Banana Recipe

8. 1-Minute Crème de Banana & Coke Cocktail

Fill a highball glass with crushed ice. Pour in 1 ½ oz of crème de banana over it. Now fill the rest with chilled Coke (or any other soft or health drink like Pepsi, Red Bull, or club soda). Sip.

1-Minute Creme de Banana & Coke Cocktail

9. Crème de Banana Quicky Fruity-Punch Martini

Shake together 2 oz of Hpnotiq with ½ oz of each of orange and pineapple juices (both chilled), and 1 oz of crème de banana. Transfer into a martini glass and decorate with some orange or pineapple pieces. The yellowish orange fruit juices and the light yellow crème de banana mixed with the cyan Hpnotiq should render a greenish tinge to the drink.

Creme de Banana Quicky Fruity-Punch Martini

10. Crème de Banana Frozen-Gold Cocktail Drink

For this, you need to prepare iced pineapple-juice cubes (just like you make ice in your ice tray) in advance. When done, take a highball glass and directly combine ¾ oz of dark rum, 4 oz of pineapple juice, and ½ oz of crème de banana in it. Float the frozen pineapple-juice cubes on top. Serve with a straw.

Creme de Banana Frozen-Gold Cocktail Drink


So, now that you know these simple yet interesting crème de banana recipes, along with ingredients and directions, begin instantly! Carry your lappy to the kitchen and rehearse for a surprise Crème de Banana Party this weekend!

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