Top 10 Vermouth Drinks

What is Vermouth

Vermouth (pronunciation: vur’mooth) is a popular, fortified Italian wine aromatized with different types of herbs including cloves, cinnamon, ginger, star anise and basil. It was originally used as a medical tonic and was often consumed alone. The taste of plain vermouth by itself is amazing, and that’s how many Italians would consume it.

Nonetheless, like always, we share with you a few of the best recipes, with ingredients and ideas, of making your own homemade vermouth drinks. Here we go!

Recipes for Sweet & Dry Vermouth Cocktail Drinks

Vermouth Drinks

1. Sweet & Dry Vermouth Fruity Alcoholic Aperitif Cocktail

Mix together 1½ oz of each of sweet (red) and dry (white) vermouths, dry gin, Campari, and orange juice in cocktail glasses. Serve with ice cubes and an orange rind.

Sweet Vermouth and Dry Vermouth Alcoholic Campari Cocktail Drink

2. Red Hot-Sour Dirty Martini Using Vermouth

Shake mix 1 oz of sweet vermouth (like Lillet, Rossi Rosso or Tribuno) and ½ oz of each of pepper vodka, whiskey, and olive brine, along with broken ice. Strain into pre-chilled martini glasses, and serve with a dash of lime juice and white pepper powder, each.

Sweet Vermouth for Dirty Martini Drink

3. White Vermouth-based Summer Martini

In a shaker, mix 1½ oz vodka with ½ oz of Grand Marnier, Cognac, amaretto and Yzaguirre white vermouth, each. Serve in chilled martini glasses along with ice and refrigerated olives.

Dry White Vermouth-based Summer Martini

4. Bianco Vermouth Homemade Queen’s-Cocktail

(Bianco is another version of dry vermouth that tastes lightly sweet.)
Shake and mix ½ oz of each of dry gin, Bianco vermouth (like Cinzano Bianco), bourbon (or scotch) whiskey, and pineapple juice. Strain into old-fashioned cocktail glasses and serve chilled.

Italian Vermouth & Gin Cocktail Drink

5. The Famous ‘Vermouth Cassis’ Infusion with Soda

In a highball glass, pour 1½ oz of Boissiere/Cocchi/Carpano Antica Formula Classico vermouth, ¾ oz crème de cassis. Fill the rest with carbonated water or club soda and stir lightly. Garnish with a pineapple chunk and sparkling ice cubes.
(Instead of soda, you can also try with soft drinks including diet or plain Pepsi/Coke, Red Bull, etc.)

Classic Sweet Vermouth Cassis Cocktail Recipe

6. Sweet Dessert Drink Cocktail Containing Vermouth

Pour 1 tbsp of each of cherry juice and grenadine, ¼ oz of Dolin Blanc vermouth, dark rum and brandy, each, along with ½ tsp of white crème de cacao and a few dashes of port. Tastes good with fresh cream toppings and powdered chocolate.

Dessert Drink Cocktail Containing Sweet Vermouth

7. Extra Dry Long-Drink Mixed with Vermouth

In a highball glass, stir mix 1 oz of Cavalier dry gin with ½ oz of each of dry French vermouth (like Noilly Prat), sweet vermouth and orange juice. Serve chilled with only a lemon slice.

Extra Dry French Vermouth Mixed Long Drink

8. Vermouth Spanish Party Shot Drinks

Mix ¼ oz of each of tequila, triple sec, Spanish vermouth (like Vermouth Perucchi) or Sacred English Amber Vermouth (because this one has a Spanish orange flavor), and finally, a dash of orange bitters. Pour in chilled shot glasses. Rim the glasses with lime juice and kosher salt. Shoot in.

Spanish Vermouth Party Shot Drinks

9. Mixed Fruit Red-Sangria Drink Recipe with Vermouth

Roughly chop 3 cups of oranges, pears, and apples into bite-size pieces and place in a bowl. Set aside. Next, mix ½ cup of each of red vermouth (like Vya or Gallo), brandy and gin, along with 3 cups of red wine. Pour the mixture over the fruits while stirring lightly. Refrigerate this for about half an hour and serve in wide glasses.

Red Sangria Sweet Drink Mixed with Vermouth

10. Easy 2-Ingredient Vermouth Cocktail Drinks

Just mix 3 parts of white rum with 1 part of dry vermouth over cracked ice. Pour in chilled lowball glasses. Optionally, for a bitterly-sour taste, serve with a fresh lemon skin.

Easy 2-Ingredient White Dry Vermouth Drink

The good news is – vermouth is gluten-free with only 18% alcohol, a total of 4 g of carbs, and around 32-40 calories of energy per 1oz serving. So it is often consumed neat & straight up! Now, when we say – ‘how to make your vermouth drinks’, we believe, you too are aware, how to drink it responsibly!

Finally, did you know that vermouth is one of the favorite drinks of none other than Bond – James Bond!

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