Top 10 Sambuca Drinks with Recipes

What is Sambuca

Sambuca is a sweet, anise-flavored, 84-proof Italian liqueur that contains 42% alcohol. In all its variations, the common ingredients are star anise essential oil and concentrated sugar solution. Though available in colors blue (or black) and red, the most common variety is the colorless one, usually called the ‘white sambuca’. Here are a few of the best ideas for the ways to drink sambuca, and how to make your own drinks at home.

Cocktail Drinks to Make with Sambuca Liquor

Sambuca Drinks

1. Traditional 3-Coffee-Beans Sambuca Hot-Shots

Take a good quality shot glass that can withstand heat. In it, throw 3 coffee beans, and then pour 2 oz white sambuca (like Romana or Ramazzotti), and set it on fire. Wait until the outer wall of the glass begins to collect vapor. Puff off the fire and pour in. Retain the beans in your mouth and gulp the rest. Crunch down the beans and enjoy the unique flavor. But remember, when you shoot in, keep your thumb in between your lip and the glass.

3 Coffee Beans Sambuca Flaming Shot

2. Black Sambuca-based Flaming Margarita-Shooter

Take 1 oz of black (blue) sambuca in one shot glass, and in another one – a mixture of ½ oz of tequila and triple sec, each, with a hint of lemon juice. Now set the sambuca alight and start drinking using a straw. While you are drinking, ask a friend to pour the other mixture into your glass. Keep drinking.

Caution: Always be careful with fire. For the above two recipes, the glasses might be hot.

Flaming Shot Drinks Made with Sambuca

3. Sambuca Mixed-Drinks Blue Cocktail

In a highball glass, pour 1 oz of sambuca, vodka, and blue curacao, ⅔ oz Bailey’s Irish Cream, along with a dash of clear sugar syrup and lime cordial, each. Stir gently. Add crushed ice, and fill the rest with carbonated water. The drink should look blue. Enjoy the taste with a wedge of lemon.

Sambuca Mixed-Drinks Cocktail Recipe

4. Sambuca Espresso-Coffee Martini

Shake together a splash of sambuca Molinari Extra, ¾ oz Kahlua, ½ oz espresso liquor (premade), 1 oz of black rum (or scotch whiskey) and Bailey’s Irish Cream each, with a dash of fresh cream. Refrigerate for 15 minutes before you sip.

Molinari Sambuca Martini Drink with Espresso Coffee

5. Sambuca Girly Long Drink Recipe

Put some ice cubes in a highball glass. Now, pour 1 oz of sambuca, ½ oz of Amaretto (or Galliano), blue curacao each, and 1 tsp lemon juice over the ice. Fill the rest with 6 oz of pineapple juice or lemonade. Nicely decorate with a cherry and a lemon or pineapple slice. Serve with a straw.

Sambuca Liquor Girly Long Drink

6. Sambuca Blood-Red Halloween Cocktail

In a shaker, mix ½ oz of both red wine and raspberry liqueur. To this, add 1½ oz of each of vodka, champagne, and red sambuca. Put a few ice cubes in a glass and strain the mixture over it. Add 1 drop of grenadine and ½ a cup of cherry juice. Serve with a straw of your choice that fits the mood of Halloween.

Sambuca Alcohol Cocktail Halloween Recipe

7. Hot Sambuca ‘Ford Fairlane’ 1990’s Milkshake

(Recipe and original picture of the famous sambuca milkshake that was in the 1990-Hollywood hit ‘Ford Fairlane’)

In a blender, pour 1 cup of whole milk. To this, add 5 oz of sambuca, 2½ oz vodka and rum, each, and 6 oz of Kahlua. Blend for 20-30 seconds (or until smooth). Now, warm the mixture in the micro-oven (using a micro-safe bowl) for about 1½ minutes. Serve hot.
Should you want a thicker consistency, you can blend a small ripe banana in it.

Classic ‘Ford Fairlane’ Sambuca-Milkshake

8. Sambuca Lemony-Ginger Bitter Cocktail

Lightly stir mix 1 oz of sambuca, 1½ oz of each of gin and beer, 1 tsp lime juice, and ¼ oz of limoncello, with 4-5 ginger juliennes and 3-4 dashes of orange bitters. Serve chilled with ice, garnished with a peel of orange or lemon.

Sambuca Beer Cocktail with Lemon & Ginger

9. Sambuca & Hemp Paralyzer Drink

Drop a few ice cubes in a glass. Pour 1 oz of marijuana vodka (like Mary Jane hemp vodka), ½ oz of each of sambuca, and Kahlua coffee liqueur. Fill the rest of the glass with any dark soft drink like Coke or Pepsi Cola. Float a large scoop of chocolate or vanilla ice cream from the top. Sit back and enjoy.

Paralyzer Drink made with Sambuca & Hemp Vodka

10. Easy Sambuca Jelly-Shots

Empty 1 packet of chocolate flavor Jell-o in a mixture of 1 cup of hot water and 1 cup black sambuca, and stir well. Pour into shot glasses and put in your fridge to set.

Black Sambuca Jelly Shots Recipe

Sambuca became commercially available in 1800 and was popularized after the World War II. It is relatively lower in carb (with one shot containing 100 calories), and tastes great! Try these cocktail drinks and feel the amazingly subtle after-effects!

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