Top 10 Classic Champagne Cocktails with Recipes

What is Champagne

Champagne (pronounced: sham-pain) is a fermented grape wine from France that gets its name from the region where it was first created. It is such a classic, heritage drink that it is often associated with the posh and aristocratic societies and cultures of the world, and has developed its own etiquette, including opening the bottle of champagne, pouring, spraying, etc.

This expensive carbonated alcoholic drink is probably an indispensable part in any type of celebrations, parties or gatherings, starting from public holidays like Xmas, Halloween, Easter, or the New Year’s Eve, to individual celebrations like birthdays and weddings! So here are some of the choicest homemade cocktail recipes for all occasions – January to December. Try them out!

Recipes for the Best Cocktail Drinks with Champagne

Champagne Cocktails

1. 70’s Traditional ‘Grand Mimosa’ Easy Champagne Cocktail

You need to mix ¼ oz of each of Grand Marnier and Drambuie with 1 oz orange juice and 3 oz champagne and serve in tall glasses over ice cubes.
[To make the ‘Cobbler Cocktail’, replace the Grand Marnier and Drambuie with Maraschino liqueur and orange juice.]

70’s Traditional ‘Grand Mimosa’ Easy Champagne Cocktail

2. Alcoholic French 75 Vodka Cocktail with Orange & Raspberry

This bright reddish-orange martini can match the mood of the fall/autumn & Thanksgiving parties.

Mix ¼ oz of each of triple sec orange liqueur, Chambord raspberry liquor, and raspberry vodka, along with a dash of simple syrup, in a pitcher. To this, add ½ oz of gin, champagne, orange and raspberry extracts (you can make this at home), each. Top with 1 tsp lemon juice and an orange swirl and serve.

Alcoholic Vodka Martini with Orange & Raspberry

3. Easy Bourbon & Champagne Italian Bellini Royale Cocktail

In a champagne flute, mix together the following ingredients: ¼ oz peach schnapps, white rum, bourbon whiskey and Calvados apple brandy, each, with 2 oz of each of peach nectar and chilled champagne. Finally, add 10-12 drops of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar from the top and garnish with a mint sprig. Now serve.
[For the ‘Champagne Mojito’, omit everything except the white rum and champagne, and add 2 tsp simple syrup, mints and lemon wheels, both lightly muddled.
To make the classic ‘Casablanca Cocktail’, leave out all the ingredients except the apple brandy and the champagne, and add a sugar cube soaked in orange bitters.]

Easy Bourbon & Champagne Italian Bellini Cocktail

4. Yellow French Kiss St. Germain & Elderflower Fruit Cocktail

This healthy, low-calorie drink is ideal for your romantic moments like Valentine’s Day. To make it at home, take a large champagne glass and throw in 3-5 mashed yellow Muscat grapes. To this, add 1 splash of each of St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, kumquat juice, Galliano sweet herbal liqueur, pineapple juice (or any other fruit that yields a yellow juice like mango or pear), lime juice, tequila, white wine, and gin, each. Finally, add a small dash of each of Angostura bitters and Jägermeister digestif liquor. Transfer into a wide, old-fashioned glass and top with chilled champagne. Garnish with 2-3 crushed basil, ¼ tsp freshly crushed ginger and a slice of cucumber. Enjoy your drink.

Yellow-Kiss St. Germain & Elderflower Punched-Fruit Cocktail

5. Men’s Winter Holiday Champagne Party Quick-Cocktail

This drink will match with the spirit of men’s gatherings – especially bachelorette parties.

In a large punch bowl, mix 2 cups Malibu coconut rum, ½ a bottle of each of champagne and sweet vermouth, 1 cup lemonade (or any other fizzy soft/energy drink like ginger beer, Red Bull or Sprite), and lychee juice, each, with ¼ cup of each of lime cordial (or juice), Hennessy cognac and Disaronno. Add 2 cups of ice cubes and stir for a while again. Now strain into glasses and serve the crowd.

Men’s Holiday Champagne Party Quick Cocktail

6. Gin & Champagne-infused Pink Girly Party Cocktail

This cocktail is ideal for girls’ parties, like in the bridal or baby showers.

In a shaker, mix ½ tsp of gin with ½ oz Kirschwasser (Kirsch) fruit brandy, ¼ tsp Pernod Absinthe, Grenadine, Campari and Creme de Cassis black currant liqueur, each. Strain into a cocktail glass. Now add ⅛ cup grapefruit juice and ½ tsp lavender syrup or Funkin Rhubarb Syrup (whichever flavor you would prefer) to the mix, and fill the rest with rose champagne. Sprinkle a dash of rose water and garnish with a small tbsp of sherbet, and a chilled strawberry or pink rose petals.
[This will give add the desired pinkish hue to the drink. However, if you want to make a purple variation, you need to replace the black current with blue curacao liqueur.]

Gin & Champagne-infused Pink Girly Party Cocktail

7. Cranberry-Champagne Poinsettia Signature Christmas Cocktail

Not just Christmas, this bloody-red cocktail will do well for Halloween parties as well!

This is a signature drink for the Xmas. To make this, thoroughly combine 3 oz cranberry juice with ½ oz of Cointreau in a champagne flute. Fill the remaining with chilled champagne. Now serve.

Cranberry-Champagne Poinsettia Signature Christmas Cocktail

8. Mixed Red Fruity Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

This chilled, fruity, classic cocktail is a standard specialty drink for a spring or summer morning breakfast or for an afternoon brunch.

To make it, lightly stir mix ½ oz of each of Pallini Limoncello and Amaretto Almond Liqueur, 2 oz Champagne Brut and homemade blended pomegranate juice, each (you can also use any other red fruit like cranberry, strawberry, cherry or watermelon). Add a dash of grenadine from the top. To match with the red effect, you can garnish with mint and a hibiscus flower.

Mixed Red Fruity Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

9. Champagne-Choco-Coffee Punched Mexican Summer Cocktail

Shake briskly for 30-40 seconds 1 tsp of corn syrup with 1 tbsp chocolate powder, 1 scoop espresso coffee ice cream, ½ oz Kahlua and Cazcabel Mexican coffee liqueur, ⅛ cup dry champagne, along with 1 cup crushed ice, until frothed up. Garnish with a pinch or two of chocolate or coffee powder.

Champagne Choco-Coffee Cocktail

10. Simple Aperol Champagne Cocktail for New Year

While you party hard in the New Year, you need to save time making the easiest drinks for your friends!

Just pour ½ oz of each of Aperol and yellow chartreuse in a champagne glass, and top off with ice-cold champagne. Decorate with a citrus wheel and serve your guests.
[For the ‘Kir Royale’ recipe, just replace the Aperol with chilled Crème de Cassis.]

Simple 2-ingredient Aperol Champagne Cocktail for New Year

While some of these yummy champagne recipes are the traditional and original ones, the others are unique and unusual. We tried to give you the best ideas to make them all right at home. So, don’t wait anymore. Just call your buddies and swoosh your champagne up in the sky!

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