Top 10 Applejack Drink Recipes

What is Applejack

Applejack is a very old alcoholic drink that was popularized during the British colonial rule in the United States. Made from fermented apple extracts, the liqueur got its name from ‘jacking’ that is indicative of its alcohol content, as also, the method of production. The content of alcohol in Applejack can be anything between 25 and 40%.

The following list of will give you an idea about how to drink applejack (especially if you are new to it), and the ways to make the perfect cocktails with it right at home.

How to Make Applejack Drinks and Cocktails

Applejack Drinks

1. Hot-Sour-Salty Applejack Martini Cocktail

Allow a martini glass to freeze inside the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. In the meantime, mix together 5 oz chilled apple cider, 1 oz of Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps and applejack, each, with 2-3 dashes of paprika sauce (or as per taste). Take out the glass and rim it with premade paprika salt* before straining the mixture into it. Serve immediately, garnished with a slice of apple.
[*To make homemade paprika salt, simply mix 1 tsp of each of smoked paprika and piment d’Espelette, with 1 tbsp of kosher salt.]

Hot-Sour-Salty Applejack Martini Cocktail

2. Applejack Party Cocktail Drinks with Jack Daniels

Mildly shake together 2 parts of Jack Daniels whiskey, 1 oz of each of sweet vermouth and applejack. Pour the mix straight-up into pre-chilled cocktail glasses and add a dash or two of Angostura Bitters in each. Now serve your guests.

Applejack Party Cocktail Drinks with Jack Daniels

3. Applejack Mixed Alcoholic Punch

In a cocktail glass, mix 1 oz of each of applejack, rum, gin, and vodka, along with orange and lime juices and grenadine (all as per your taste). Stir along with lightly crushed ice and garnish with a slice of fresh orange.

Applejack Mixed Alcoholic Punch

4. Cocktail Drink with Applejack & Brandy

Use your shaker to mix 1 oz of each of applejack (like Laird’s, Captain Applejack), brandy and lemon juice, along with 2 dashes of triple sec. Throw ice cubes into a champagne glass and pour the mixture over these. Next, pour chilled rose wine or champagne to fill up the rest of the glass. Give a gentle stir and serve with a citrus peel.

Cocktail Drink with Applejack & Brandy

5. Easy Applejack Everclear Bitter Cocktail

In a shaker, pour ½ oz Benedictine, ½ oz Everclear, 1-2 dash/s of Angostura Bitters (or as per taste), and 1 oz Applejack and shake with a handful of ice cubes for about 20 seconds. Transfer into a lowball glass and garnish with an apple wheel.

Easy Applejack Everclear Bitter Cocktail

6. Mixed Fruity Alcoholic Drink with Applejack Liquor

Fill a large cocktail glass with 1 oz of both Bourbon whiskey and applejack, followed by 2 oz of each of Tropical Sangria, cranberry juice and tomato juice (all chilled). Now serve with a few ice cubes floating on top.

Mixed Fruity Alcoholic Drink with Applejack Liquor

7. Applejack Gingery Moonshine Cocktail

Stir 1½ oz applejack, Ole Smoky Blackberry Moonshine, and spiced rum, each, with ½ oz lemon juice and 2 oz of cold ginger beer (or any other soft ginger-based beverage like ginger ale). Transfer the mix over crushed ice in a tall glass. Now, serve with a cinnamon stick, a mint sprig, and a lemon rind.

Applejack Gingery Moonshine Cocktail

8. 2-Ingredient Applejack Shooter-Party Shots

Line up shot glasses and pour 1 oz of each of scotch and applejack in each. Shoot in.

2-Ingredient Applejack Shooter-Party Shots

9. Applejack Sazerac Quickie Cocktail

Mix 2 oz of applejack, ¼ oz maple syrup, 3-4 dashes bitters in a wide cocktail glass, over ice. Garnish with a green apple slice before you serve.

Applejack Sazerac Quickie Cocktail

10. Classic Colonial Applejack Hot Toddy Recipe

In a large jug, combine 3 oz applejack with 2 tbsp sugar, 2-3 cloves, a 1- to 2-inch cinnamon stick, and a thin slice of lemon. Now, fill the rest of the jug with boiling water. Keep stirring all the ingredients until the sugar dissolves completely. Transfer into old-fashioned glasses or mugs over apple slices, lemon rinds, and a whole cinnamon stick. Serve hot or warm.

Classic Colonial Applejack Hot Toddy Recipe

If you are a genuine alcohol lover, this list of our choicest 10 applejack cocktail recipes is sure to bring a broad smile on your face. Try them all at home, especially if you have never tried applejack cocktails before, and you would probably repeat the entire list over and again.

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