10 of the Best Absinthe Drinks with Recipes

What is Absinthe

Like we know, Absinthe is an extremely strong anise-flavored beverage with a high alcohol percentage, and with a bitter taste. Seldom is it drunk straight-up like scotch or brandy. Correct proportion and right combination is the key to enjoy this drink safely and in style. Here are a few informative and exclusive ways to drink absinthe.

Absinthe Drink

How to Drink Absinthe: Cocktail Recipes

1. Green Fairy Absinthe Shot

Pour 1 can of energy drink (like Red Bull, Monster) into a mug and to it add 2 oz absinthe herbal liqueur. Serve in shot glasses and throw down immediately.

Green Fairy Absinthe Drink

2. Sweet Absinthe-Champagne Cocktail

(Also known as ‘Death in the Afternoon,’ this drink was popularly described by Ernest Hemmingway)

Put a sugar cube in a wine glass and pour over it 1½ oz of absinthe and then add 1 narrow wine glass full of chilled champagne in it. Stir lightly and serve immediately.
You can, of course, prepare this without sugar cube as well if you wouldn’t mind the original bitter taste.

Death in the Afternoon Absinthe Cocktail

3. Absinthe Mixed Sazerac

(One of the oldest known cocktails created in the 1800s by a Creole apothecary named Antoine Amédée Peychaud)

Fill a glass with ice cubes and add 2 dashes of absinthe Hapsburg Yellow to it. Next, take a cocktail shaker and vigorously mix together ¼ oz simple syrup, 2 dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters and 2 oz of Osocalis brandy. Pour this mixture over the absinthe in the glass, stir lightly. Finally, wipe the glass rim with a lemon zest. Serve with a garnish of lemon.

Absinthe Mixed Sazerac Drink

4. Absinthe Sour Mojito-Shooter

Just mix ¼ oz absinthe, ¾ oz lemon juice, ½ tbsp simple sugar and a hint of mint (2-3 leaves lightly crushed). Shake with a few ice cubes. Serve in shot glasses.

Absinthe Lemon Sour Shooter

5. Absinthe Martini Mixed Cocktail Drink

(Serves two)

Lightly stir 4 oz gin, 1 oz dry vermouth and ¼ tsp absinthe herbal liqueur along with a few ice cubes. Strain in pre-chilled martini glasses. This one tastes fabulous with onion stuffed olives.

Absinthe Martini Mixed Cocktail Drink

6. Absinthe-Vodka Mixed Fruity Shot

Mix thoroughly ½ oz each of absinthe, vodka, coconut liqueur and banana liqueur. Serve in shot glasses.

Absinthe-Vodka Mixed Fruity Shot Drink

7. Simple Absinthe-Brandy Bomb Shots

Mix absinthe and brandy ½ oz each and serve with ice in shot glasses.

Absinthe-Brandy Mixed Bomb Shots

8. Absinthe Cocktail with Gin & Rum

Shake gin and white rum (alternately, bourbon whiskey) ½ oz each with ¾ oz absinthe and pour it into a cocktail glass before serving chilled.

Gin & Rum Cocktail Drink with Absinthe

9. Absinthe Death Drink Shooter

(A drink strong enough to make you forget the rest of the night)

Stir well Everclear, whiskey and absinthe 2 oz each with 2 chilled beers and pour into shot glasses. Enjoy with your friends.

Absinthe Death Drink Shooter

10. Hot Absinthe Tea

In a cup/mug, pour 1/2 oz absinthe herbal liqueur. To this, add 1½ oz cranberry juice, and then fill the most of the rest of the way up with boiling hot water. Add 1 squirt of lemon juice, 1-2 tsp honey (or to taste) and stir mix. Break a cinnamon stick into half and leave it in the cup, as you begin drinking.

Hot Absinthe-mixed Tea

If you are a novice with absinthe, you should know that a considerable amount of absinthe at one go might not prove to be too friendly! Nonetheless, this classic drink is cherished all over the globe by millions of spirit-lovers. It is also interesting to know that, even celebrated historical figures including Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud, Maupassant, Ernest Hemingway et al were known to be in love and obsessed with this very old, flavorsome drink!

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