Top 10 Jameson Drinks with Recipes

What is Jameson Whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey, popularly known as Jameson, is an 80-proof, blended whiskey that was introduced in 1780 in Ireland. This famous alcoholic beverage is made of single pot still whiskey, single malt whiskey, and common grain whiskey.

Here are a few of the best recipes containing Jameson Irish Whiskey that you will surely like.

Drinks & Cocktail Recipes Mixed with Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Drinks

1. Lemony Ginger-Jameson Summer Cocktail

In a tall glass, pour 1½ oz of Jameson over ice cubes. Fill the rest with ginger ale. Squeeze the juice of a quartered lemon from top (but do not stir in). Garnish with ginger juliennes and a lemon rind.

Ginger Lemon Jameson Whiskey Drink

2. Simple Jameson Bar-Drink Recipe

In a mixer, mix together 2ozof Jameson Irish Whiskey, crème de banana liqueur, 4 oz of fresh cream and finally, 1 oz of club soda (or coke). Rim a chilled, fat glass with caramel flakes and strain over.
(If you want it without soda, go for orange or pineapple juice.)

Creamy Jameson Irish Whiskey Bar Drink

3. All-Irish St. Patrick’s Day Classic Cocktail

(St. Patrick being the ‘patron saint’ of Ireland, this is a traditional drink with Irish ingredients.)
In a glass, stir mix 1 oz of Jameson Irish whiskey and Bailey’s Irish cream, each, and set aside. Next, pour ¾ pint of chilled Guinness Irish dry stout in another glass, and wait until the fizz settles. Add the previous mixture to it, and sip instantly.

St. Patrick’s Day Irish Drink Made with Jameson

4. Easy Jameson Fall-&-Winter Good Shots

In a shot glass, pour in order ¼ oz of blackberry liqueur, and ½ oz of each of Bailey’s Irish Cream and Jameson Black Barrel whiskey. Gulp down in one shot.

Jameson Whiskey Layered Shooter

5. Blended Alcoholic Punch Fruity Cocktail

In a cocktail shaker, shake 1½ oz of Jameson Gold Reserve whiskey, ½ oz of each of strawberry crush, pineapple juice, along with a dash or two of orange bitters. Strain over ice in pre-frozen glasses. Serve with lemon and strawberry slices.
You can also experiment with flavors of your choice like cherry, raspberry, or blueberry juices.

Jameson Drink Fruity Punch

6. Jameson Hot Manly Christmas-Breakfast Drink

Pour 1 oz of each of Jameson Black Barrel whiskey and Kahlua in a coffee mug. Fill up the rest with premade hot coffee. Stir mix using a stirrer, and top it with 1 oz of thick cream (at room temperature). Sprinkle nutmeg and/or cocoa powder before serving.

Manly Whiskey Drink Made with Jameson

7. Mixed Girly Fancy-Dessert-Punch

Blend 2 oz of JamesonIrish Whiskey, Banana Crème Liqueur, each, along with 1 oz of premixed eggnog, ½ oz of honey, 1 oz of chilled orange juice. Strain in a glass, and top with a scoop of any ice cream.
Alternately, for the ‘Frozen Whiskey Sour’ girly-cocktail, omit the Banana Crème Liqueur and the eggnog, instead, add 1 can of frozen lemonade and 1 cup of crushed ice. Blend until it is a bit thick and slushy.

Jameson Dessert Mixed Girly Drink

8. Jameson Flavored Cold Hot-Green-Tea

Pour 2 oz of premade chilled green tea in an old-fashioned glass. To this, add 2-3 large pinches of white pepper powder, ½ oz honey, a dash of fresh lemon juice and 1 oz of Jameson Irish Whiskey, and stir lightly. Float mashed mint leaves and 2-3 ice cubes from the top and serve.

Jameson Irish Green Tea Drink Recipe

9. Devil’s Blood Halloween-Holiday Shooter

In a shot glass, pour ½ oz of each of grenadine, Scotch whiskey, Chambord raspberry liqueur and Jameson Irish Whiskey. Let the raspberry liqueur settle at the bottom. Your shooter is ready.

Irish Whiskey Shooter Drink

10. Jameson Irish Whiskey 2-ingredient Short Shooter

Lightly smear sweet and sour mix around the rim and the inner walls of a shot glass. Now pour 1¾ ozJameson Irish Whiskey and ¼ oz fresh lime juice. Throw in.

Easy Jameson Irish Whiskey Short Shooter

Compared to many other strong liqueurs, Jameson Whiskey is relatively safe for your health in the sense that, it has only 72 calories per 1-oz serving, and is completely fat- and cholesterol-free (0%). So, now it’s time for you to explore through its delicious flavor, and utter a ‘yummy’ in delight!

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