Types of Semi-soft Cheese

Semi-soft cheeses have a harder texture than soft cheese but are still creamy and easy to melt. They are often aged for 3-4 weeks to a couple of months, leaving them with more than 45-50% moisture content. A semi-soft cheese may or may not have a rind.

These are ideal for both shredding and slicing, and their excellent melting properties make them perfect for dishes such as fondues, pasta, pizza, and sandwiches. Additionally, many semi-hard cheeses excel in browning, making them well-suited for gratins and casseroles.

Semi-soft Cheese

The Common and Notable Types of Semi-soft Cheese

NameMilk SourceTaste & TextureCountry of OriginCalories/oz.How to Eat
MozzarellaWater Buffalo/CowMild, soft, and very stringyItaly~80 kcalOn pizza, pasta dishes, and salads
FontinaCowMild, yet nutty and savoryItaly~110 kcalTraditionally added to fondues, also in sandwiches and pasta dishes
OkaCowCreamy and nuttyCanada~120 kcalIn sandwiches, salads, and melted in casseroles and quiches
HavartiCowMild, creamy, and buttery with small irregular holesDenmark~110 kcalIn sandwiches, burgers, and also as a snack. Pairs well with sweet wines like Riesling
Brick CheeseCowMild and slightly sweet with an open textureUnited States~110 kcalSandwiches (like grilled cheese), burgers, and casseroles
ComtéCowNutty, fruity, and slightly sweetFrance~110 kcalEnjoyed on its own or in sandwiches, gratins, and quiches
StiltonCowRich, creamy, and crumbly with a strong, tangy flavorEngland~110 kcalServed with crackers, in salads, or melted in sauces
JarlsbergCowMild, sweet, and nutty with a smooth textureNorway~110 kcalSandwiches, salads, fondues and quiches
LimburgerCowPungent and strong with a soft, creamy textureBelgium/Germany~100 kcalOften enjoyed with dark bread, onions, and mustard. Pairs well with beer
Port SalutCowMild, sweet, and creamy with a smooth and supple textureFrance~100 kcalIn sandwiches, salads, and cheese boards
Castelo BrancoSheepButtery, slightly sweet, and nutty with a semi-soft and smooth texturePortugal~100 kcalEnjoyed on its own or with bread, or in salads and cooked dishes
MorbierCowMild and fruity with a creamy texture and a distinctive line of ashFrance~110 kcalServed on cheese boards or enjoyed with crusty bread
Stinking BishopCowStrong and pungent with a creamy, semi-soft textureEngland~85 kcalEnjoyed on its own or with bread; pairs well with fruits and nuts (not suitable for everyone)
Tomme de SavoieCowEarthy, nutty, and slightly tangyFrance~110 kcalEnjoyed on its own, in salads, or melted in dishes like tartiflette
ManouriSheep/GoatCreamy, milky, and slightly sweet with a texture between feta and ricottaGreece~100 kcalIn desserts, salads, or enjoyed on its own
ButterkäseCowMild, buttery, and creamy with a smooth and supple textureGermany~110 kcalSandwiches, burgers, gratins and casseroles
Minas CheeseCowMild and slightly tangy with a crumbly textureBrazil~90 kcalCommonly used in Brazilian cuisine, including sandwiches, pastries, and desserts
Danbo CheeseCowSharp, tangy, and slightly sweetDenmark~120 kcalIn sandwiches, salads, hot dishes with melted cheese
Saint-PaulinCowMild and buttery with a creamy, supple textureFrance~110 kcalIn sandwiches, salads, or enjoyed on its own
ChechilCowMild, salty, and slightly tangy with a stringy and elastic textureArmenia~100 kcalEaten on its own or with bread
MaredsousCowCreamy and mild with a hint of sweetnessBelgium~110 kcalSliced on bread, in sandwiches, or paired with fruits

List of Some More Types of Semi-soft Cheese

  • Maredsous
  • Canastra (semi-soft variant)
  • Queso Pera
  • Chabichou
  • Chaumes
  • Dovedale
  • Valdeón
  • Esrom
  • Chevington
  • Handkäse
  • Danablu
  • Saint-Nectaire
  • Bandel cheese
  • Morski
  • Parenica
  • Pljevaljski sir
  • Vesterhavsost
  • Ardrahan
  • Bergenost
  • Bleu de Gex
  • Castelo Branco cheese
  • Kalari cheese
  • Kalimpong Cheese
  • Luzerner Rahmkäse
  • Oltermanni
  • Panquehue
  • Parlick Fell
  • Passendale cheese
  • Rauchkäse
  • Serpa Cheese
  • Waterloo cheese
  • Weisslacker
  • Bleu Bénédictin
  • Caș
  • Formaggini
  • Pikauba
  • Mâconnais cheese
  • Pélardon
  • Le Wavreumont
  • Abbey Blue Brie
  • Abbey Smoked Brie
  • Carraignamuc
  • Beacon Fell traditional Lancashire


What are some examples of semi-soft white cheese?

Mozzarella is one of the most famous semi-soft white cheeses consumed all over the world.

What are a few semi-soft yellow cheeses?

There are several semi-soft types of yellow cheese, with Havarti and brick cheese as examples.