Herbs and Spices That are Best for Seasoning Shrimp

Shrimp is not the most consumed seafood for no reason; its unique texture and versatility open the doors to a whole new level of culinary experimentation. Now that you want to move beyond the typical spices and try something new, here you can learn about the best species that have become a go-to when cooking shrimp.

Herbs and Spices for Shrimp Seasoning

Herbs and Spices to Put on Shrimp for the Best Seasoning

Sautéing, roasting, and grilling are some of the typical ways to cook shrimp. Even if you have the smallest amount of experience with seafood, you would know that seasoning is the key to bringing out the best of their flavors. Shrimp is no different.

You can mix and match anything from the table below to create unique flavors – just remember that you will need at least 2 teaspoons of seasoning per pound of shrimp. Don’t forget to add salt.

NameFlavor Profile
PaprikaMild, sweet, and slightly smoky
CuminEarthy, warm, and slightly nutty
Garlic (don’t skip it)Pungent and savory
Cayenne PepperSpicy and pungent
Black PepperPeppery and slightly spicy
OreganoEarthy, slightly bitter, and aromatic
BasilSweet, aromatic, and slightly peppery
ThymeEarthy, herby, and slightly floral
Onion PowderSweet and savory
Chili PowderSpicy, smoky, and slightly sweet
Note: Today, seasoning isn't just about table spices anymore. It's everything that adds flavor to your food, whether you sprinkle it before, during, or after cooking.

Spice Blends You Can Use

You can also go for these traditional spice mixes available from stores for a fail-safe shrimp dinner:

NameFlavor Profile
Italian SeasoningAromatic, herbaceous, slightly sweet, and earthy
Cajun SeasoningRobust, spicy, zesty, with moderate to high heat
Blackened SeasoningSmoky, spicy, slightly sweet, with a dark crust effect

Be cautious with store-bought seasonings as they often contain salt, and overseasoning your shrimp may make it too salty. One of the advantages of blending individual spices to make your own seasoning mix is that you can skip the salt. Then, you can put as much seasoning as you want on your shrimp.

As with seasoning any other seafood, pat drying and adding a spoonful of olive oil helps the spices stick to shrimp, especially when you are baking or grilling them.

Do the Same Spices Work for Marinating Shrimp

The spices mentioned above are good for marinades as well. Add your preferred herbs and spices to a wet base, like soy sauce, olive oil, and lemon juice, and let the shrimp sit in it for at least an hour before cooking.


How long can seasoned shrimp stay in the fridge?

No time at all. Once you season (or marinade) the shrimp, you need to cook it immediately. But you can marinate it 2 days in advance and keep it in the fridge. Cooked shrimp can also stay in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.