10 of the Best Thanksgiving Cocktails & Mocktails with Recipes

As one of the most popular celebrations of the occidental world, Thanksgiving Day needs no further introduction. However, this big day is primarily celebrated at the dinner table with all the special drinks and choicest delicacies perfectly juxtaposed. In fact, just like turkey, drinks too are an indispensable part of the gala, no matter it’s a soft or a hard drink!

So here are a few of the choicest thanksgiving-themed unique drink ideas for everyone to soak their throats with – friends or siblings, grandson or grannie, try these out, and ‘drink’ the day ‘to the lees’!

Recipes & Ideas for Thanksgiving Drinks (Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic)

Thanksgiving Cocktails & Mocktails

1. Alcoholic ‘Wild Thanksgiving’ Drinks for a Crowd

In a chilled pitcher, combine 1 oz of each of 80 proof Bourbon whiskey (alternately, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky), and applejack, along with a tangy fruit juice like cranberry or orange (or a combination, to taste). Arrange highball glasses, and in each, pour a splash of lime juice and throw in a few ice cubes. Strain the mixture over this and serve your Thanksgiving crowd.

Alcoholic ‘Wild Thanksgiving’ Drinks for a Crowd

2. Non-Alcoholic Fruity Punch Drinks for the Family

This detox drink is good for all your family members, including adults and kids.
To make it, use your shaker to thoroughly mix 1 oz of each of pineapple, passion fruit and grape juices (all chilled), ¼ oz of both lemon juice and grenadine. Strain into stylish glasses and add a splash of apple cider from the top. Decorate with fruits like grape, pineapple, and cherry.

Non-Alcoholic Fruity Punch Drinks for the Family

3. Easy Thanksgiving Day Party Short Shooter Shots

Arrange shot glasses and mix ½ oz of both vanilla vodka and Malibu rum (or brandy), with ¼ oz of each of Midori, tequila, and champagne. Add a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream and top with a spray of whipped cream. Now shoot in right away.

Easy Thanksgiving Day Party Short Shooter Shots

4. Thanksgiving Party Appetizer Dinner Drink for Adults

In a chilled wine glass, mix 2½ oz of Dubonnet Rouge Aperitif or Prosecco Wine with ½ oz of Tropical Sangria and the juice of one fresh orange. Serve with floating ice cubes.

Thanksgiving Party Appetizer Dinner Drink for Adults

5. Thanksgiving-inspired Hot Breakfast Festive-Drink

In an old-fashioned glass, put 1-2 tbsp of Cheerios breakfast cereal. Over this, pour 1 oz of non-flavored vodka and gin, each, with ½ oz of Kahlua. Allow the cereal to settle for a while. In the meantime, mix a very little amount (about ½ tsp) of chocolate or espresso coffee powder and ½ oz of premixed eggnog in 5 oz of hot milk. Pour the mixture over the cereal and stir lightly. Garnish with 5-10 Cheerios from the top and serve warm/hot.

Thanksgiving-inspired Hot Breakfast Festive-Drink

6. Thanksgiving Eve Holiday-Party Fun Drink for Kids

Use your blender to combine in medium speed 1 cup of both cold black grape juice and sparkling soda water (or ginger ale), along with 1 tbsp honey and lemon juice, each, until smooth. Serve your kids in medium size glasses with frozen grapes and ice cubes, if necessary.

Thanksgiving Eve Holiday Party Meal Drink for Kids

7. Thanksgiving ‘American Mule’ Easy Cocktail Party Drink

This drink is traditionally served in copper mugs. To make it, combine together 1½ oz Ole Smoky Blackberry Moonshine, spiced rum, and White Lightnin’, each, along with ½ oz lemon juice and 2 oz of fridge-cold ginger beer. Serve chilled with mint sprigs, lemon rinds, and crushed ice.

Thanksgiving ‘American Mule’ Cocktail Party Drinks

8. Instant Traditional Thanksgiving Mixed Cocktail Drink

Mix together 1½ oz Hpnotiq, 1 oz vodka with 2 oz lychee juice. Strain into pre-chilled glasses and serve with a frozen lychee.

Instant Thanksgiving Mixed Cocktail Drink

9. Thanksgiving Dessert Vegan-Virgin Mocktail Milkshake

This simple drink is said to be a magic appetizer, suppressing gas, cramps or acidity, and preparing you for the next meal!
To make it, blend together 1 pint of fresh strawberries, 1 cup pineapple chunks and 2 cups of soya milk, until smooth. Pour into old-fashioned cocktail glasses over crushed ice. Decorate with strawberries and pineapple chunks before you serve everyone.

Thanksgiving Dessert Vegan-Virgin Mocktail Milkshake

10. ‘Mayflower Martini’ Thanksgiving Specialty Signature Drink

You need to shake together 2 oz of sake, with 1½ oz vodka and ½ oz pumpkin liqueur, with a handful of crushed ice. When done, strain into martini glasses and enjoy the cocktail with a citrus twist.

Traditional Mayflower Martini Thanksgiving Specialty Drink

Thanksgiving is probably the biggest drinking night of the year, and on this occasion, it was a profound pleasure to share these yummy cocktails and mocktails with you all. Make these drinks at home and enjoy with your family, friends, and kids, right after a hearty dinner. Wishing you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving Day – Thank You for being with us!

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