10 of the Best Refreshing Summer Drinks with Recipes

Summer is probably the best time to move outdoors for some fun – maybe a long drive, a trekking trip, or just eating out, or enjoying the sunshine and the green fields with friends or loved ones! However, for those who love to eat and drink, a pool party or a camp picnic mean a lot in the warmth of the breezy summer months.

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled this amazing list of classic homemade summer drinks – with and without alcohol – which you can easily try at any time or just anywhere. See how they go!

How to Make Summer Cocktail and Mocktail Drinks

Summer Drinks

1. Alcoholic-Summer-Punch Classic Whiskey Cocktail

Shake well 1½ oz of Midori with ½ oz of each of vanilla vodka, gin, tequila, and Captain Morgan or Malibu Rum. Strain into cocktail glasses and serve with some crispy snacks.
(If you prefer whiskey over rum, you can replace the latter with Jack Daniels or Jameson Irish Whiskey.)

Alcoholic-Summer-Punch Mixed Cocktail Drink

2. Homemade Summer Party Drinks with Coffee & Bourbon

This Kahlua cocktail is popular for its low sugar content. First, take a pitcher, and mix 1 part of peppermint schnapps, ¾ part of Kahlua, and ½ part of each of Bourbon whiskey and vodka, 1 tsp coffee liquor, along with a few ice cubes. Strain into stylish cocktail glasses and float a little plain whipped cream (unsweetened) from the top, and sprinkle a pinch of coffee powder over each.

Homemade Summer Party Drinks with Coffee

3. Fresh Summer Crowd by the Pool Side

This fruity cocktail is an ideal pool or beach drink. Pour ¾ oz of each of coconut milk and vodka, ¼ oz of sweetened cream (or else, smoothly-whipped yogurt, if you want it sour) and blue curacao, each, along with 1½ oz of white rum and 2 oz of pineapple juice (or, ginger ale), in a pre-chilled jug or a large mason jar. Use a mixing spoon to combine. Now serve in cocktail glasses. You can tuck a cocktail umbrella and/or a chunk of pineapple on top.

Fresh Summer Crowd by the Pool Side

4. Easy 3-Ingredient Light Summer Vodka Cocktail Drink

Half-fill highball glasses with ice cubes, and over this, pour an oz of each of vodka and peach schnapps in each of the glasses. Fill the rest with coke or 7up. Enjoy with your friends.

3-Ingredient Summer Vodka Drinks

5. Special 2-Ingredient Quick Summer Shots for Guys

This one is even easier to make. Just combine 3 oz of champagne or white wine (alternately, ginger beer for those who prefer low carb and low calorie drinks), and 2 oz of vodka by putting your hand on top of a shot glass and shaking fast. Shoot in.

Special 2-Ingredient Quick Summer Shots for Guys

6. Non-alcoholic Signature Summer Cocktail Drink for Girls & Kids

This all-red summer drink with no alcohol is ideal for girls and kids and will help you stay cool. Mix well 1 oz Tropical Sangria, 1 oz of fresh strawberry juice, 3 oz of Hawaiian fruit punch, and 1 oz ginger beer over ice in drinking glasses. Decorate with rose petals before you serve your friends.
For the alcoholic version, you can replace the ginger beer with ½ oz of each of vodka and gin. However, needless to mention, your kids can’t consume that.

Easy Non-alcoholic Summer Drink for Girls & Kids

7. Paleo ‘Summer Hummer’ Lemony-Hot Summer-Cooler Mocktail

Throw a few ice cubes in tall glasses and pour 1 oz lime cordial in each. Now, add a dash of hot Tabasco sauce (alternately, 2-3 pinches of white pepper powder), 1 tsp fresh ginger juice, a small pinch of peppermint, and combine lightly with a stirrer. Next, add 4 oz of any lemon flavored carbonated beverage (or lemonade) from the top. Decorate with a wedge of lemon and serve.
For the cocktail version, replace the lime cordial with lime vodka.

Summer Hummer Lemony Cooler Mocktail

8. Alcohol-blended Tropical ‘Summer Breeze’ Drink with Rum

Use a shaker to vigorously shake 1 oz of white rum, pink grapefruit juice, and orange juice, each with a dash of grenadine and some ice. Transfer it to chilled cocktail glasses, and drop in 1 or 2 frozen maraschino cherry or strawberry as garnish. Now drink.

Alcohol-blended Tropical ‘Summer Breeze’ Drink with Rum

9. Mixed Simple-Summer Martini Cocktail Drink

Shake together 2 oz of Hpnotiq, 1 oz of vodka (or Bacardi white rum). Strain into pre-chilled martini glasses. Finally, add 6-8 drops of Campari from the top. Don’t stir.

Mixed Simple-Summer Martini Cocktail Drink

10. Chilled ‘Corvette Summer’ Cocktail Drink

Drop a grapefruit zest and a few ice cubes in a chilled glass. Over this, pour 1½ oz tequila, ⅓ oz grapefruit juice and 1 tsp of ginger-lime syrup. Mix well with a stirrer and garnish with any citrus wheel.
(To make the ginger-lime syrup, simmer ½ cup sugar, the zest and the juice of 1 lime, and 1 tsp grated ginger in ½ cup water, until thick. You can refrigerate this syrup to make cocktails in future.)

Chilled Cocktail ‘Corvette Summer’ Drink

Now that you got these great DIY summer drink ideas, and their ingredients in details, and even the authentic recipes for the traditional cocktails, you know how to make them at home or anywhere else just to surprise your friends, and bring in some cooling summer shower in their minds with every sip! Rock on!!!

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