Piper Longum (Long Pepper)

Long pepper or Indonesian pepper is a flowering vine and is mainly used as a spice. Nowadays, long pepper seems to be a rare ingredient in European cuisines, but still you can find it out in Indian vegetable pickles as well as in some North African spice mixtures.  Indian long pepper is derived from the wild plants and is reported to be cultivated at low elevations.

Long Pepper Scientific Name

Long pepper is scientifically known as Piper Longum.

Long Pepper Description

Here is the general description of long pepper.

Size: Long pepper is 2.5 to 3.5 cm long.

Shape: The fruit appears to be ovoid, oblong, erect and blunt in shape.

Color: It is blackish green in color.

Smell: The smell is aromatic.

Taste: It tastes quite pungent.

Piper Longum (Long pepper) Picture Picture 1 – Piper Longum (Long pepper)

Long Pepper Plant

Mainly the fruit, root and stem of the plant are used for several purposes. The erected shrub of the plant has thick and jointed root stock. Numerous leaves are present in the whole plant and are dark green in color. The fruits are beneficial as they contain 1% volatile oil, resin, and alkaloids.

Common names of Long Pepper

  • Indian Long Pepper
  • Indonesian Long Pepper
  • Dried Catkins
  • Pippali
  • Pipal
  • Tippli
  • Pihal
  • Javanese Long Pepper

Long Pepper Distribution

Long pepper is found in several parts of India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and South Asian regions. This spice is mainly deciduous to evergreen forests.

Long Pepper Nutritional Value

The nutritional value is not found but definitely it has many nutritious components and thus is eaten widely.

Photos of Piper Longum (Long pepper) Picture 2 – Piper Longum (Long pepper) Photo

Long Pepper Health Benefits

Long pepper has many health benefits.

  • It helps in releasing out the mucus accumulated in the respiratory tract.
  • Long pepper helps in restraining pain and inflammation.
  • Long pepper is also used as an aphrodisiac because it boosts the reproductive system.
  • The vegetable-spice is used for curing hiccups.
  • This spice is the key ingredient in many pepper spray products as a self defense mechanism.

Long Pepper Uses

Long pepper is a useful spice and is used for several purposes.

Edible Uses

  • It will be great if you include little bit of long pepper into your diet. Not only will it add flavor but will also make you healthy.
  • This vegetable-spice plays an important role in Eastern cuisine as well as in Western cuisine.
  • One can have it as raw salad in their breakfast and lunch.

Medicinal Uses

  • The concoction of the plant’s root is used after childbirth.
  • The herb also helps in treating anemia.
  • The extraction of the plant is used for treating sciatica and hemiplegic.

Other Uses

The plant is used for garnishing the garden because of its deep greenish look.

Piper Longum (Long pepper) Leaf Image Picture 3 – Piper Longum (Long pepper) Leaf

Long Pepper Side Effects

Though it has many medicinal benefits but still some suffers from its side effects. Improper usage can lead to side effects. It can cause skin rashes and can increase in liver enzymes. Very high dosage can lead to balance problems, tremor and nausea.

Using Long Pepper during Pregnancy

Pregnant women are advised not to have long pepper as it can affect their health badly.

Long Pepper Substitute

Regular black pepper is the best substitute for long pepper. Regular black pepper is also used in pickles, curries, soups, and even tossed with fresh fruit.

Long Pepper Recipes

There are prepared many alluring long pepper recipes

  • Long Pepper Cream
  • Long Pepper Brioche
  • Long Pepper Spice Rub

Long Pepper Availability

Long pepper is accessible at the grocery stores and is cultivated throughout the year. Purchasing from the online stores will be convenient. One can have it from the online stores at a cheaper rate compared to that of having it from the grocery stores.

Long Pepper Interesting Facts

  • Long pepper is a close relative of black pepper.
  • Long pepper from Bali is highly popular all over the world. This particular spice is known for its culinary appeal and sweet pungency.
  • Long pepper has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Long pepper helps in increasing appetite to a great extent.

Long Pepper Pictures

Here are some images of the long pepper.

Pictures of Piper Longum (Long pepper) Picture 4 – Piper Longum (Long pepper) Picture

Images of Piper Longum (Long pepper) Picture 5 – Piper Longum (Long pepper) Image





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