10 of the Best Homemade Limoncello Drinks with Recipes

What is Limoncello

Limoncello, also known as ‘Limoncino’, is a popular signature drink from Italy. It imparts a strong lemon flavor to any drink without the characteristic bitterness and sourness of a raw lemon.

We have found out a few of the best recipes and ideas for making your own limoncello cocktails and mixes at home. So, look no further and enjoy the dramatic effect of this lemony liquor!

How to Make Limoncello Cocktails

Limoncello Drinks

1. Limoncello Lemon Drop Dirty Martini

Pour 1 oz of limoncello liqueur (like Pallini, Villa Massa, or Caravella), sweet and sour mix, and extra-dry vermouth, each, with ½ oz of each of vodka and green olive brine, and finally, and 1 tsp of lemon juice in a shaker, and shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds. Rim a tall martini glass with kosher salt and strain the mix over ice. Serve with a twist of lime.
– Similarly, for a Lemon-Meringue Martini, replace the ginger juice with ½ part of egg white, and ½ oz triple sec.

Homemade Lemon Drop Martini with Limoncello

2. 2-ingredient Limoncello-Prosecco Float Cocktail

Fill a martini glass with a ¼ cup of limoncello. It must be absolutely chilled since you can’t add ice cubes to this cocktail. Now, very slowly, pour the same amount of Prosecco from the top (so as to ‘float’ it). Serve right away.

Float Limoncello Cocktail with Prosecco Recipe

3. Limoncello Margarita Cocktail Drink with Everclear

Mix 2 oz Tequila, ½ oz limoncello, ¼ oz of everclear and 1 oz fresh lemon juice. Pour a few ice cubes in a glass and strain the mix over this. Serve in a Collins glass with a lemon rind.

Making Margarita Cocktail with Limoncello & Everclear

4. Limoncello Valoroso Holiday-Punch with Rum & Champagne

(While ‘Valoroso’ is Italian for courageous or valiant, this manly long-drink is ideal for your Christmas and Easter guy parties.)
Combine ½ oz of each of gin and Bacardi white rum (alternately, Scotch or Bourbon whiskey), along with 1½ oz of limoncello and 2 oz of champagne (alternately, club soda or carbonated soft drinks like tonic water, if you want it less alcoholic) in a pre-frozen, large cocktail glass. Wipe the rim of the glass with lime cordial and serve.

Manly Cocktail Recipe Using Limoncello

5. Limoncello Olive Garden Blended-Cocktail

You need your mixer-grinder to make a slushy mixture with 1 cup of ice, 1 oz of each of citrus vodka and limoncello, 4 oz of lemonade and ¼ oz homemade lemon-and-sugar syrup (you can easily make it by simmering together ¼ cup of water and sugar, each, along with 4 tsp of fresh lemon juice, until reduced to half). You might need additional ice for making the drink slushier. Throw a few mints and basil leaves into a pitcher, and transfer the drink into it. Now, serve in drinking glasses, topped with lemon slices.

Limoncello Cocktail Drink with Limoncello

6. Fruity-Party Limoncello Summer Sangria

In a pan, mix ½ cup granulated sugar and ¼ cup water and simmer over medium flame until the sugar dissolves. Transfer the mixture to a pitcher. To this, add ¾ cup limoncello, ½ cup of amaretto, 2 bottles of white wine, and a bowl of chopped assorted fruits (like strawberry, grapes, blackberry, cherries, oranges, melons, pineapples), and mix evenly. Refrigerate this for about two hours. Pour in chilled club soda before serving.

Homemade Easy Limoncello Sangria Recipe

7. Strawberry Martini Digestif-Dessert Red Cooler

Mix 1½ oz of limoncello, vanilla vodka and chilled strawberry juice, each, along with ¼ oz Carlo Rossi sangria. Add a few dashes of grenadine and stir once lightly. Top with a couple of fresh blueberries and 1 tsp of condensed cream.
(You can choose from cranberry/orange/ blueberry/pineapple etc., if you want your martini to be red/pink, orange, blue, yellow, and so on)

Authentic Italian Digestive Limoncello Cocktail

8. Standard Hot Tea-Drink Using Limoncello

Either use 1 bag of any flavored tea (like cranberry/raspberry/strawberry/pomegranate) in 1 glass of boiling water, added with 1 tsp of honey, or else, use any of those fruit syrups in 1 cup of normal black tea liquor (without the honey). Next, pour in 1½ oz of limoncello and lightly stir all the ingredients along with 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice. Stand a 2-inch stick of cinnamon and drink hot.

Easy Hot Tea Recipe Mixed with Limoncello

9. Simple Fruity Soiree Creamy-Cocktail

Simply shake ¾ oz of each of limoncello, pomegranate juice, orange juice, and pineapple juice, along with 1 tbsp of sour cream, 1 oz of Ole Smoky Blackberry Moonshine and 3½ oz champagne. Serve in tall champagne glasses along with an orange or pineapple chunk.

Homemade Limoncello Fruity Soiree Creamy Cocktail

10. Limoncello Frozen Lemonade Bitter-Shots

Over a medium flame, dissolve ½ cup sugar in an equal quantity of water. Turn off the flame and add 1 tbsp lemon zest and wait until it cools down. Strain the mixture in a blender, discarding solids. Now, mix 1 oz ginger vodka with 2 oz limoncello, ¼ cup lemon juice and 2-3 splashes of peach bitters, and blend with 2 cups of ice cubes until slushy. Serve it to your friends in shot glasses and gobble down at once.

Limoncello Frozen Lemonade Shooter Recipe

Limoncello liqueurs can be anything between 26- and 100-proof, with a 1-oz shot containing about 103 calories. Whether along with breakfast or after dinner, limoncello is good at any time and is considered as a good digestive. Because of the low alcohol content (average 26%), many people choose to drink it straight. But it’s only when you know how to drink it responsibly, you are an expert! – Keep calm and drink Limoncello!

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