Top 10 Brandy Cocktails with Recipes

How to Drink Brandy

A classic alcoholic beverage like Brandy needs no introduction as we all know how popular it is around the world since time unknown, and how extensively this delicious drink is consumed. Not just as a liqueur, brandy has so many different health benefits as well. It is often drunk together with milk as a cure for cold or to give you some extra vigor. Regular brandy contains about 65 calories of energy and is carb-free.

Here are a few of the best brandy drinks, along with detailed directions and ingredients, and the best ways to drink them, so that you can easily make them at home easily.

How do you make Brandy Drinks

Brandy Drinks

1. Classic Brandy Alexander Drink Recipe

Mix together 1 part of each of fresh cream, any good VSOP brandy, cognac, and crème de cacao, and shake thoroughly. Strain into pre-frozen cocktail glasses. Float a scoop of vanilla ice cream in each glass from the top, and sprinkle nutmeg powder over it. Serve them to your guests.

Classic Brandy Alexander Drink Recipe

2. Winter Morning ‘Coffee Royale’ Hot Brandy Drink

Pour hot coffee into a coffee mug. To this, add instantly 1 oz brandy (like ‘E and J’), 1 oz of Crave Chocolate Truffle Liqueur, ½ oz gin, ½ tsp of honey, and a pinch of cinnamon powder. Stir with a spoon and sip hot or warm.
[This drink can also be good for your everyday health issues like cold, sore throat, cough, etc.]

Winter Morning Coffee Royale Hot Brandy Drink

3. Easy Summer-Dessert Apricot Brandy Mixed Drinks

Shake well ½ oz of each of apricot brandy, vodka, premixed eggnog, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and white crème de cacao. Pour this mixture over ice cubes along with ½ a cup club soda (or coke), and serve it after dinner.

Easy Summer-Dessert Apricot Brandy Mixed Drinks


4. Mixed Fruity Tropical-Summer Blackberry Brandy Drinks

In a mixer, blend amaretto and blackberry brandy, 1 oz each, with ¾ oz dry vermouth and crushed ice, until slushy. Pour this into a Collins glass. Now, fill the rest of the glass with chilled pineapple and orange juices (you might as well try your combinations with cranberry or pomegranate). Add a dash of orange bitters from top and drink.

Mixed Fruity Tropical-Summer Blackberry Brandy Drinks

5. Simple Red Christmas Cocktail made from Plum Brandy

Stir ½ oz of plum brandy and Kahlua, each, with 1 oz of strawberry liqueur and 2 splashes of grenadine in a highball glass, and add lemonade, according to your preference for hardness. You can decorate with Xmas accessories and cherry. Serve with ice cubes.

Simple Red Christmas Cocktail made from Brandy

6. ‘Daisy’ Alcoholic Holiday Long Drink with Apple Brandy

Stir together ¾ oz yellow chartreuse, 1½ oz apple (or applejack) or pear brandy, and ¾ ounce lemon or lime juice, along with broken ice cubes. Serve in a Collins glass with a dash or two of cold club soda. The drink tastes somewhat sour.

Daisy Alcoholic Long Drink for Holidays

7. Classic ‘Godfather’ Party Cocktail Mixed with Peach Brandy

Serve this popular but easy drink to your friends on the rocks by mixing 1 oz of each of Scotch whiskey, amaretto, and peach brandy directly into old-fashioned glasses, and mixing gently.

Classic Godfather Party Cocktail Mixed with Peach Brandy

8. Tiki Cocktail Party Gingery Liquor Drinks with Mexican Brandy

In a shaker, pour 1 cup ice cubes. Now, to this, pour ½ oz of each of tequila and Mexican brandy, along with 1 oz of gin and fresh orange juice, each, with 1 tsp of grenadine. Shake them all thoroughly and strain the mix into cocktail glasses. Carefully pour 4 oz of ginger ale from the top. Serve chilled with an orange peel.

Tiki Cocktail Party Liquor Drinks with Brandy

9. Mixed Danger-Shooters Blended with Pear Brandy

Just mix together ⅓ oz of each of whiskey, vodka, and pear brandy (all chilled), and shoot in.

Mixed Danger-Shooters Blended with Brandy

10. Tea & Cherry Brandy Slush Wild-Shots

Steep 2 tea bags in 1 cup boiling water for 10 minutes and discard the bags. Next, boil 1½ cups of water and stir in ½ cup sugar until dissolved. To this, add 1 can lemonade concentrate and 1 cup cherry brandy. Mix the tea with this mixture and freeze overnight. Before you serve, arrange shot glasses and scoop the desired amount into each glass. Combine 2 oz of chilled Hot Sex chocolate spice mix and gulp down.

2-Ingredient Instant Brandy Sweet-&-Wild Shots

However, no matter how often you consume brandy – neat or straight, in combinations, or as cocktails – you should also remember that moderation is the key. While men should not have more than two drinks daily, women should not exceed one (as recommended by the Harvard School of Public Health). So just say ‘yummy’, and keep sipping!

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