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  • picture of black currant

    Black Currant

    What is Black Currant? Black Currant is a small perennial shrub, a species of the Ribes berry that grows in the central and northern part of Europe. It has a characteristic aroma due to which it can be distinguished from the other currant berries. This shrub is also known for the French “cassis” that it […]

  • image of mustard greens

    Mustard Greens (Brassica juncea)

    What are Mustard Greens? Mustard Greens are the leaves of the Mustard plant, scientifically known as the Brassica juneca plant. These are also known as the Indian mustard, leaf mustard, Chinese mustard. They belong to the same genus as that of those plants which produce the piquant seeds, those seeds that are ground into the […]

  • Spring Onion

    Spring Onion

      What are Spring Onions? Spring onions are a variety of the scallion or green onions, i.e. the edible part of the Allium species, having a stronger flavor, with a strong distinctive bite. The roots are fully developed, and of the bulb type, and the leaves are hollow in shape, and possess a green color. […]

  • Red Currant Photos

    Red Currant

    What are Red Currants? Red currants are a member of the genus Ribes, which belong to the family of Grossulariceae, and grows in the north temperate region. It is native to the region of Europe, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. It is a deciduous shrub which produces edible bright red berries. Picture 1 – Red […]

  • honey dew photo

    Honeydew Melon – Seeds, Calories, Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts and Recipes

    What is a Honeydew Melon? Honeydew melon is a pale yellow fruit, which belongs to the cultivar group of the muskmelon, i.e. the Cucumis melo group. It originated in France, and is the sweetest of all melons. It is a fruit which has a smooth white rind and a greenish or a whitish luck, and […]

  • Juniper Berry Pictures

    Juniper Berries – Uses, Health Benefits, Side Effects, Recipes and Substitute

    What are Juniper Berries?   Picture 1 – Juniper Berries Source – Juniper berries are the female seed cone of the juniper tree. It is a fleshy cone, with merged scales, thus having a berry like appearance. These berries are green in color at a young stage, but later, when they mature, they turn […]

  • Cherimoya pictures

    Cherimoya – Fruit, Tree, Seeds, Nutrition, Growing, Uses and Recipes

    Have you seen the fruit, which resembles the custard apple in its look, and the taste is a combination of the banana, pineapple and the strawberry? Read to know about this amazing and delicious fruit to get more information about it. What is Cherimoya? The cherimoya is a delicious tropical fruit, which is native to […]